Christmas Season is almost over

Christmas day came and went.  It was over even before I could sit down and relish the moment.  For many mothers out there, Christmas day for us came in a blur of last minute things-to-do/finish/dishes to cook/lay/Christmas presents to wrap and un-wrap.  Our work is never over.  Like all parents out there, at the end of Christmas day, we were all exhausted.

And just like everyone else, hearing the squeals of delight and excitement coming from our kids as they un-wrapped presents after-presenst is worth all the handwork, even if at the end of the day, we could barely stand-up from sheer exhaustion.

I dread the end of the Christmas season, especially putting away all the fun and festive Christmas decorations, and to face a cold and boring room, set against the grey and dreary weather outside.

On a happy note, spring is just around the corner.  And this being Cornwall, spring happens to come early compared to the rest of the UK.

How was your Christmas?

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