First Times and other Milestones

T in the corridor of the cinema, waiting for her best-friend F.

Last Monday, T and her best-friend F went to see their first movie – ‘Spicable Me 2 (That’s how she pronounces it).  It went really well.  They were both really good, especially F who just sat most of the time on his Dad’s lap.  T on the other hand, kept moving from her chair to my lap, to her Dad’s lap.  At one point, she was also standing.  The important thing is that both kids really loved it.  Looks like we’ll be spending a lot of  our time in the cinema now ….

 On another milestone, we’ve gotten rid of T’s cot-bed and she has now a little girl’s big bed which is really a day-bed with a trundle (when set up the bed becomes a super-king sized bed).  She calls herself a big girl now, not a baby anymore – after all, she’ll be turning 3 on the 26th!  How did that happen?  How did my little bundle of joy/whinges grow into a little girl? Is there any possibility of slowing things down just a little bit?

She already uses the word forever like a teenager, she’s turning 3 not thirteen!  She argues back, slams doors, sulks and declares I want new shoes!   At night though, she turns back to being my little baby who wants mommy by her side, she tells me I NEED you to sleep beside me Mommy.  I guess some things will never change, at least, not yet, and I’m okay with that too.  So yes, I still  sleepwalk between her room and our room in the middle of the night when she calls for me.  And admittedly most nights, I wake up on her bed.

Have a great weekend!


  1. motherhoodisanart

    I love the wallpaper in your daughter’s room! My husband just took my son who will be 3 next month to a movie last week for the first time and he got scared when all the lights went off and then fell asleep a few minutes later!

    • That was my worry too, that she might get scared once the lights were off. But she wasn’t! I’m wondering though if it has something to do with her best friend sitting beside her =) … Oh dear, does that mean he didn’t get to watch the entire movie?

      • motherhoodisanart

        My husband said he only got to see 10 minutes of it! It’s okay because Cesar was just kind of a tag along. It was my 6 year old who really wanted to see the movie Monsters U and I guess he really enjoyed it!

        • Oh that’s fine indeed. I’m sure the whole experience of “going to the cinema” with the older ones was exciting enough for any three year old =)

  2. 😀 I’m so glad that T & F had a great time at their first movie! Brie loves the first Despicable Me, but we haven’t seen the sequel yet. Also, T’s room is so cute!

    • Yes, they did! Actually all the adults also enjoyed “Spicable Me 2” =) You guys should watch it, really entertaining.

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