Frozen Mad

Little T first saw the Disney movie Frozen when it was shown in theatres last December.  She wasn’t too mad about it, I think she was too young for it then.  But not anymore – ever since we’ve purchased the said movie, she’s been absolutely nuts about it.

Given the chance, she’d probably watch it more than once a day.  But once is enough, for her sake and our sanity’s sake.  The thing about little T, as you can see from the photos, she doesn’t just watch the movie, she actually likes to re-enact the whole movie –  hence the scarf, turned into a cape.

The above photo shows her doing the scene where Anna (whom she insists is actually called Onna, because according to her, that’s the way they pronounce the name in the movie), saves her sister Elsa from being killed by the wicked Hans.  Anna raises her arm to protect Elsa from the sword, so does my little T.

And as Arundel is thawed from the eternal winter, as celebration, Queen Elsa “freezes” the palace grounds to make it into a gigantic ice-rink so the people could have an instant skating party.  She does this by stomping her foot and raising her arms, as you can see, Little T does it well too 😉  And of course, like any other Frozen aficionado, she likes to sing the theme song by shouting it loud “Let it go, let it go!”

We ordered the soundtrack online yesterday – God help us!  I know, what were we thinking?  Clearly not!  We thought it would be nice for her to listen to it on our trip when we go on our holiday this July.

Does your little one like Frozen too?  Do they also re-enact the scenes?

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Have a lovely week folks!

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  1. Yep, you’ll regret ordering that soundtrack! Boo adores Frozen, too, and has the DVD & CD – you’ve no idea how many times a day I hear those songs….!

  2. Iona@Redpeffer

    I love it when children get so involved with things like this. And you’re going to get to know the sound track very well indeed I think!

  3. The Vanilla Housewife

    Hahahah! Same thing here! Her grandma even made her a cape, which made things worse. LOL

  4. Fabulous!! I’m so pleased there is another little girl out there who swears by calling her ‘Onna’ also! H loves Frozen too. But then again, I thought it was pretty cool too! Xx

    • She used to love Toy Story too. Still does I think, right now though, Frozen is the latest craze! 😉

  5. It drives me mad that they pronounce it Onna! My girls love it, Fran is usually dressed up as Elsa and bursts into songs from the film at random moments throughout the day. #whatsthestory

    • Kids are so funny, aren’t they? I’m glad it’s not only daughter who thinks it’s pronounced as Onna!

  6. Oh Dean I just love this post! POD loves Frozen too so I can only imagine T reinacting it – how brilliant! She looks the part too. Great post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

  7. My girls absolutely loved this movie too. They have also been singing ‘Let it go, Let it gooooo’ over and over again. Because I’ve never watched the movie, I couldn’t figure out where this came from. Now I know – so thank you!

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