Is Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas a bad influence?

I’ve mentioned Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas already in this post and yes, my two-year-old loves it!  Though truth to be told, I find his version of Father Christmas a bit err… too grumpy.  The Santa Claus of my childhood was happy and jolly, who goes ho-ho-ho … not someone who says ‘blimming’ in every sentence he utters.  Not in my wildest dreams did I think that Father Christmas would be a … how shall I put it?  Bad Influence?  Negative influence?

For those who are wondering who Raymond Briggs is, he’s an English illustrator and cartoonist, most famous for the children’s story The Snowman, which was later made into a lovely animation without words, just music as mentioned in my first post.   Then came Father Christmas and The Bear.  

Anyway, so why do I think Father Christmas is a err… “bad influence” to my daughter, yes I really do feel uncomfortable about this, as if I’m about to commit blasphemy, (thou shall not say anything “bad” about Father Christmas, yes, that one).  Here’s why:

It’s my two-year-old-daughter!  Like Father Christmas she likes to use the word “blimming!” all the time.  She says “Where’s my blimming toys?”  A LOT.  And she just doesn’t use the expression when looking for her toys, it can be while she’s watching TV, or even eating!  Here’s my blimming prawns, she’ll exclaim as she excavates them underneath her noodles (she loves prawns).

For awhile though, I thought “blimming” was akin to the use of “freakin” or “friggin”.  But later calmed down when I learned that it’s actually just a British slang to emphasise something and it comes from the other slang “blooming”.  I just wish though that my two-year old would just stop using the word, especially not in front of my in-laws who are scheduled to spend Christmas with us (arriving on Friday, weather-permitting that is).

So no, I don’t really think Father Christmas is a bad influence AT ALL.  My daughter, like any two-year-old is like a sponge who soaks up EVERYTHING they see and hear.  I don’t really want to stop her from watching Father Christmas though, especially since she loves the film.  If you haven’t heard of it though and I’ve made you curious about it, here’s the first part of the film, watch and enjoy! =)  Have a blimming Christmas everyone!

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