Little T’s Busy Days with Bob Bear

We have a very important visitor this week.  His name is Bob Bear, from T’s school.  Yes, he is the school mascot and he is here to stay, till the end of the week.

On Friday, he accompanied little T to her gymnastics club for some tumbling around.


The next morning, little T took Bob Bear to have some brunch at her friend’s cafe.


Apparently, Bob Bear ate all of his waffles up and wanted more.


When they came home, Bob Bear helped little T mow the lawn.


Then I sent them both out to walk the dog.

By the afternoon, Bob Bear was exhausted.  He told T that he didn’t expect that he would be doing chores since he was a guest. I told him that everyone in our house helps with the chores including very important guests.  I don’t think Bob Bear will want to visit us again.

 Does your kids help with the chores at home?

Do share.


  1. Alice Mills

    My 9 month old is a bit small for helping with chores yet! But he does think he’s helping by getting all the toys out and spreading them as far and wide as possible!! Sometimes he even tries to help me with blogging!! (My poor laptop!)

    • Aww, that is so sweet… The helping with the toys, not the blogging 😉

    • That’s a great idea! We plan to give her some pocket money too over the summer 🙂

  2. My 18 month old is a bit young at the moment but I’ll definitely be encouraging him when he gets a little older to start helping out.

  3. Your daughter is so beautiful. I know I’ve said that before! But she’s so pretty 🙂 you are so good at photography! I always try and get my daughter to help tidy up, she loves sweeping, cleaning the table and washing up.

    • Thank you! I really am actually a point and shoot “photographer”. I’m too lazy to use manual mode, though I really ought to start learning how to use my camera soon 😉

  4. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    Aw, bless! It looks like Bob had an action packed time. 😀 Marianna’s only 18 months but she does help to put her toys away. (Except if we leave it too long she starts getting them back out again…) x
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Review: Truth and TailsMy Profile

    • T was the same when she was that age. Marianna – I love her name!

    • T would love to have a Mim Mim too! I told her they don’t make Mim Mim’s yet 😉

    • Yes. I don’t think he’s going to visit any time soon once he leaves us on Friday 😉

    • Her “big” school might have a school mascot too. Then she’ll be able to take him home for some adventures 🙂

    • Yes, I think he is gaining a bit of weight from his stay with us 😉

    • Yes, Bob has certainly proven that he has a great big appetite 😉

    • T does try to help, but I’m afraid she’s also bad at keeping her room tidy.

    • Bob Bear has been visiting our house since T was in reception 🙂

  5. Tooting Mama

    If mine can keep their room tidy even for a day that’s an achievement! Well done Bob – he’s super helpful. Can he come to my home!

    • Bob Bear stays for a whole week at the designated child’s house 🙂

    • Aww. Last time T had Bob Bear was last year when she was at Reception 🙂

  6. Haha! Bob the bear seems to have had an awesome time. Mine are a bit young for chores yet (apart from the odd thing like putting toys back in a box) but hope to introduce them soon. 🙂

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