Little T’s youtube Debut

I want to make a video mummmmmaaaaayyyyy!” I’ve been getting this from T daily, ever since she watched her first “play video” on youtube.

T and her friends are obsessed with watching videos on youtube with little girls (older than them) ‘playing” with their dolls whom they call “Elsya” and “Anya”.  Yep, little Elsya and little Anya are the daughters of Elsa and Anna of the famed Disney movie Frozen.

I’m impressed actually.  These videos actually have storylines.  Let me share an example with you:

T watches these videos again and again and again and it drives me mad!  I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that one day she would suddenly announce that she wanted to make her own videos too.  I did what every mum would do, ignored her and just said “okay” without meaning it.  I thought it was just going to be a passing fancy, that she’d outgrow it and forget about wanting to make her own videos.

But not my T.  She nagged me and nagged me and nagged me.  I decided to give in and hoped that maybe, just maybe, we could make one and then she’d be okay with that.  Here’s our little home-made video:

Note that it doesn’t have a storyline at all.  She just wants to be filmed while playing.  I tried to persuade her to change the names and not use “Elsya” and “Anya” but she refused.  She didn’t want to be original, I guess she just wants to be a copy-cat or just do what she likes doing – playing.

Admittedly, I lazily edited her video on iMovie and shared it on Facebook.  A friend, one whom I used to work with got in touch with me and said “You ought to be ashamed of yourself!  To think you used to work for TV!”  I guess she meant I should’ve edited and made her video more creative and interesting.  But hey, I’m just a tired mum.  Writing and working for television is a past-life, one I had before I got married and got pregnant and became T’s mum.  Nowadays, I’m just known as T’s mum and I’m fine with that.

After shooting her first video, little T actually demanded that she wanted it uploaded on youtube too!   I had to explain that it had to be edited first, so of course, she went into her bossy mode and demanded that I edit it right there and then.  Sigh.  After doing all that, guess what she wanted to do next?  Yep, shoot another video.  I gave in.  But I haven’t edited it yet.  She’s back in school now, so I’m hoping she’d forget about it 😉  Btw, please “like” her video on youtube.

Shh.  And please don’t remind her about the unedited one.

If you have kiddos, do they watch any of these videos on youtube too?

What do you think of them?

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  1. moderatemum

    My son is too young to get it (although he loves to point at my ipad and demand Peppa Pig) but my friends daughter is obsessed and has recently made her Youtube debut. I’m thinking I need to work out how to edit – don’t want my kid to be the only one in without a channel 😀

  2. Life as Mum

    My girls watch those videos on YouTube aswell. I have no idea how they found them though. They love them but drive me mad haha! So I give them headphones instead haha.
    The debut video is fantastic 🙂 Well done

    • I know! They drive me mad too. We also insist on her wearing headphones when she watches them, especially when we’re also watching something on TV! Now that she’s made one, she insists on watching hers again and again too… And yep, drives me bonkers too. Sigh.

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I have a kid and he LOVES to watch videos on YouTube… and while they aren’t whatever I’m supposed to call little girls playing with their dolls – and oh my goodness thank you Lord they aren’t that – I can’t say they are any less annoying! 🙂
    But that was really cute, she was having fun with it!

    • Oh lordy, they are indeed annoying! She keeps nagging me to make more. Sigh. Hoping this is just a phase, one that she will get over SOON! X

  4. angela at Daysinbed

    we od the same thing. My daughter watches so may toy shows on youtube and we now try to do our own too. it is so fun! Well done on your first one!

  5. Silly Mummy

    Aww sweet! No mine have never seen anything like this on youtube. I didn’t know such clips even existed. I think I will not be letting mine know they do in case they also want to be on youtube! 😀

  6. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy

    Oh this is so lovely what a great thing to experience so young. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme

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