My Cello Baby Debut

Little T and her fellow “Cello Babies” (that’s what their music teacher calls them) were supposed to have their debut concert on the duck race/talent show which is held yearly to hep fundraise for their school. Sadly, because of the bad weather, they had to cancel the talent show a few weeks ago. Thankfully, their headteacher decided to hold it instead on the school grounds after Friday’s class last week.  And the cello babies, finally had their much-awaited debut.

It took awhile though before they could begin, so T being T was clowning around with her cello.

And of course, here’s my little cello baby making her usual funny-silly pose of the day.

And this is T’s “I’m bored. Get-me-out-of-here” look.  And yes, of course, her hair was messy as always.

And then it started.  They weren’t bad at all.  I love the way she closes her eyes when playing.  I asked her once why she does it even when practicing.  She says it helps her concentrate more.  One of the parents whispered “Look at T, with her serious face.  She’s really into this, isn’t she?”  My husband and I just smiled.

I think their teacher was proud of them and their performance.  As for the parents?  We were too busy taking photos and videos, but yes, we were all definitely proud of them.  It warmed our hearts.

I wish I could share some of the videos with you guys, but I respect the privacy of the other kids as well as the school.  I’ll tell you though, they definitely rocked!

What’s your proudest moment as a parent?

Or as an adult?

Do share.


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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog

    She looks so sweet! Sounds like it was a great concert!
    Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog recently posted…And In The EndMy Profile

  2. Alice Mills

    Oh my goodness that is adorable! The cello is almost as big as her! With a nearly 9 month old, I’m proud of things like him eating something, picking something up, rolling and trying to crawl! As much as I want to hold on to those moments a little part of me can’t help but look forward to big proud moments like this! Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

    • When she’s carrying it, she looks like a “walking cello” :):)

  3. Claire Jacobs

    you must have been so proud, I am so impressed with her choice of instrument!

  4. Aww she’s gorgeous! You must have been very proud indeed! I think my proudest moment so far (and it’s early days as he’s not even 1 yet) is the first time he stood up and beamed at delight!
    Hannah recently posted…My current LUSTSMy Profile

  5. Sarah HP

    Oh this is the cutest! I love that they are called the cello babies and here concentration face is adorable. It’s quite an unusual instrument for a young child, good on her. I always need tissues for my daughters dance shows.

  6. Fi Ni Neachtain

    How lovely that your daughter plays cello, it’s always great to see children enjoy music. I can see why you’re a proud mummy 🙂

  7. Fashion and Style Police

    You must have been super proud. This is a big deal.

  8. This is lovely and what great photos! I rarely manage to capture decent ones at these events but this is great. Looks like T is really enjoying the experience too. You should embrace that. Thanks for linking to #loudnproud
    Suzane recently posted…Loud ‘n’ Proud – 30.06.16My Profile

    • I’m really thankful that she seems to be really enjoying the cello 🙂 That’s all that counts, isn’t it?

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? I love replaying the videos again and again and again 🙂

  9. Helena Clarke

    Fabulous!! One of my bugbears is that I cannot convince either of my children to take up an instrument. They both started and abandoned the recorder and my eldest had a brief, but traumatic spell playing the flute. I will keep haranguing them to reconsider, especially now I have seen this lovely lot of tiny cellists! #loudandproud

    • T’s school is very encouraging when it comes to playing a musical instrument. I think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of kids in her class also signed up for cello/violin lessons 🙂

  10. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Wow how wonderful, you never know where that will lead. I remember my niece first ‘treating’ me to her clarinet playing years ago, she now plays in the orchestra at Uni. My proudest moment with my son – at the moment it’s the fact he joined in with sports day this week #loudnproud
    Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One recently posted…Letts Wild About range – review and giveawayMy Profile

  11. I recently performed with a choir and closing your eyes definitely helps with concentration and getting the emotion out there!
    Keely recently posted…Bracelet NailsMy Profile

  12. Well done T. So exciting for them to be able to do their concert. Looks so sweet.

  13. What a great chance to have a second go at their concert. So sweet, and I know I’d have been really proud as well

  14. Sarah MumofThree World

    I love reading about her cello playing. Such an amazing thing to do at such a young age and it sounds like they all did brilliantly!
    In 15 years as a parent it’s hard to remember my proudest moment, but my daughter in the panto last year comes pretty close!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The Tom Gates books by Liz PichonMy Profile

    • I think I remember reading about that… and yes, that’s definitely a proud moment to remember 😉

  15. Kerry Norris

    This is adorable. Such cute pics. I bet you were proud. As an adult my proudest moment was either having my kids or climbing mt Kilimanjaro x

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