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Little T started learning to play the cello this school year.  She loves doing it, though I have a feeling it also has something to do with Harper (one of her favourite characters from Cerrie Burnell’s Harper Book series).  The little girl likes to play all instruments, including the cello.  To be fair though, T already started her music lessons long before she discovered the Harper series.

Like any other child, we have to remind her to practice though.

She likes to use her dad as her music sheet holder (As you can see from the boxes, we are still surrounded by them and still hoping to move soon).

I love that she likes to shut her eyes while she plays her cello.  I’d be lying though if I say that my daughter’s playing is divine or that she’s some sort of musical prodigy like Mozart who was already playing the keyboard, violin and composing music at age 5, T’s age.  Let’s just say my daughter’s playing sounds like a typical five-year-old who is starting to learn how to play the cello.  If she was learning to play the violin, it would sound like a cat screeching, you get the picture 😉  Of course my husband and I are very proud of her.

In late June, my daughter’s school will hold a Duck Race and Talent show to help raise funds for their Primary school.  They do this yearly.  This is also sort of the highlight of the kids who takes music lessons, they get to play in front of the whole school, not to mention the whole village and play as one group.  They are known as the “Cello Babies”.  This year, it will be T’s first performance with the group.

I am so looking forward to watching her play in front of a crowd.

Does your little one play an instrument?

Do you play an instrument?

Do share.


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  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Well done to her. I think it’s amazing to play an instrument at such a young age! Our primary school don’t start music lessons until year 3. Of course we could have done them privately earlier, but we’re not a musical family!
    However, my 14yo son and my daughter both play violin and my 12yo son plays guitar. None of them practise anywhere near as much as they should!
    Thanks for linking with Loud ‘n’ Proud.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Loud ‘n’ Proud 21.4.16My Profile

  2. Pinkoddy

    Oh you must be very proud of her playing an instrument at only 5 years old.

  3. RachelSwirl

    Gosh what beautiful pictures and such a talented little lady. I am hoping to encourage my little one to play the piano (as we have a baby grand in our living room) like her Mummy x

    • Wow, a baby grand sounds lovely! We also have a small piano (but it’s still in storage) and would want her to take it up too, but only if she wants. We’re trying not to push her 😉

  4. How cute, well done to her. We aren’t very musical in our family ivd never been in to playing instruments

    • I used to have piano lessons, but never really took it up. Would love to learn now as an adult.

  5. Keep up the good work little T, my daughter started playing the violin in school when she was 5 she will be 9 next week and she still loves playing it and really hope when she goes to ‘big’ school she will still be able to play it

    • Wow, hope she keeps playing too like your daughter and doesn’t lose interest 😉

  6. Angela at Daysinbed

    This is really cool. I played violin at that age and played in an orchestra. I loved it. I hope your little girl continues her music lessons. it’s a fabulous thing to do!
    Angela at Daysinbed recently posted…Protecting Children Against AllergiesMy Profile

  7. Oh wow! That’s amazing. What a lovely instrument to learn! Keep up the good work!
    I love cello music. I use to play the flute and recorder when I was at school and I can kind of play the keyboard.

    • So true. I used to play the guitar when I was younger, but now can barely finish a song!

    • Same here. I had piano lessons but hated it as a child, now I regret not sticking to it 🙁

  8. Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life

    She look’s so adorable in the photos. Well done her for learning to play the cello , I wish I had of learnt to play an instrument xx
    Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life recently posted…A Disney Princess Toddler Tea PartyMy Profile

    • As I mentioned in another comment, same here. I had piano lessons as I child but hated it. Now I regret not sticking to it. Oh well.

  9. I love that she plays so young. I decided age 4 what instrument I wanted to play, but couldn’t start until age 9 (clarinet). I’m hoping N will want to start an instrument next year (piano or ukelele until he’s big enough for something else). Ours can have lessons from Y2 (for anyone who wants to), and Y1 can if there’s spaces).

    I run a music exploration linky each month – so do come and link up

    • I didn’t know you had to be of a certain age to learn the clarinet. I wonder why? The music lessons in T’s school starts in Y1. We pay for it though. I think they had some sort of funding last year, but it’s been cut, so now we have to pay full, which is fine because she’s really enjoying it. Would love to link up! 🙂

  10. I always wanted to play the cello but my mum wouldn’t let me so I did guitar and clarinet instead – I’d like to say I kept it up but I didn’t

    • I can play the guitar a bit, but not really good. If only I stuck with one instrument and became good at it 😉

    • Not sure about the gifted part 😉 But yes, she’s really enjoying her lessons thanks 🙂

  11. Zena's Suitcase

    What a great opportunity. I don’t think that children are encouraged enough to learn instruments these days. I hope she keeps it up

  12. Baby Isabella

    My mummy plays the tenor sax. Hopefully one day I will be able to read music. I love singing and have got a good ear for a tune. Well done little miss! The Cello is a great instrument xxx
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Blast off to Camp Bestival!My Profile

    • Wow, your mum sounds really cool! 🙂 Love the sound of the sax too. x

  13. Fi Ni Neachtain

    Oh what a lovely instrument for T to learn, I love the sound of the cello. I used to play the piano as a child and I hope my son will want to learn an instrument too.

    • I love the sound of the cello too, really pleased that she seems to be so into it. x

  14. I do play piano and my boyfriend is a cellist! I’m super excited for your daughter. But mommy, brace yourself because you have a daughter musician (with all good and bad that it comes with it)
    Raffa recently posted…Why I am Not A VegganMy Profile

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