T Talk

Like all kids her age, T says a lot of funny stuff, unlike some mothers who are so good at recording them, I fail big-time.  And the moment is gone and old age sets in and I forget the funny, hilarious, did-she-just-really-say-that moments.  Here are a few that I actually remember:

Look Mummy, I’m wearing a bra too!  

Holds up my bra on her little chest.

That’s mine.

I’m just borrowing it.

You’re just a little girl, little girls don’t wear bras .

When I grow up, I’m going to wear a bra just like you!


If you don’t do my lunch now mummy, I’m going to be like this

She poses, what I think is her “I’m going to faint pose”


I’m not a grown-up yet

I can’t reach my DVDS!


It’s okay Doc, mummy is here, she says approaching Doc and doing baby-talk, I’m wondering Oh lordy, do I sound like that?


Don’t say that to my dog mummy, that’s rude!

She reprimands me as I call Doc a ‘bad dog’ for trying to run away with my slipper in his mouth.


    • Thank you! Yes, they’re so funny aren’t they? Three is a funny age, good thing she’s not that difficult… Well, maybe except for when she has to go to play-school and tells me that she can’t go because she has a “sore breath” which I guess she actually meant sore throat 😉

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