The Halloween that went Pfft

So this is what happened, at around 2pm, T was bugging me to wear her costume and get her face painted.  I knew it was still early, but I figured that she might as well wear her costume more than just a couple of hours, especially since I knew she’d be tired by 7 and asleep by 8pm.  And I thought that I would be able to re-touch the paint on her face before the trick or treaters started ringing our doorbell.

Blood-sucking little vampire practising her scary face.

By the time we got our first trick-or-treaters, around 4pm, her face paint was fading and I didn’t have the time to re-do her face.

After waiting for some time by the door, she got tired and just sat on the floor watching Cbeebies.

True enough, by the time it was 7pm, she said “I’m tired Mummy“.  That’s when I knew that this year’s Halloween just went pfft, especially since there weren’t much trick-or-treaters this year, unlike the last.  That means, we’ve go so much left-over-sweets, which I refuse to have in the house, so as of typing, it’s still sitting on our porch.  I’m thinking of either a).  Hand them over to L (the lovely woman who is in-charge of T’s play-school.  Christmas isn’t that far off, maybe she can use the sweets as prize/treats for the kids at the Christmas party.  b).  Hide them in the attic for next year’s use?  In case you’re wondering, T only had one lollipop.  Thank goodness, she didn’t ask for more!

What would you do if you had a big bag of left-over Halloween sweets lying around in your house?  Any suggestions?


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    hahahahaha – I just wrote a post about all of these ideas for what to do with left over Halloween candy – and I’m sitting here going “what left over candy??” 🙂

    I think giving it to the play-school is a good idea.

    • Yes, I saw that! And I think the one about saving it for an Advent Calendar is also a great idea. Surely, those sweets will last till Christmas? They’re mostly hard candy anyway, I can just take out the chocolate ones. If not, you’re right, will just hand them over to play-school. Thanks Kate 🙂

  2. hurrahforgin

    Ummm we are in the same situation and i am planning on eating it all :_
    T looks soooo cute! x

  3. Same here. We have so much leftover candies. Good thing we’re enjoying eating them. (Oh no! haha)

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