A Country Kid’s Post: All About the Outdoors

This move has always been about space and the outdoors.  More space for little T to have, especially when she has her friends over for play-dates.  A bigger garden for Doc and Boots to explore without any hissing and yowling happening and an office for my husband.

Ever since we’ve moved, little T has had playdates after another.  At one time we had more than six kids in one go.  It was maddening, but the fun kind.

When she has friends over, they have picnics outside, with toys scattered all over the front garden.  It’s easier to clean-up too. I tell T to chuck all her toys back in those Ikea storage boxes.  Don’t you just love them?

I’ve helped her build DIY teepees with old curtains from the old house we won’t be using again.

When her friends are over, they have one teepee or tent each.  Thank goodness we have loads of old fabric we can use.

She hardly every plays inside the house, only when it’s raining.  She doesn’t watch much television anymore or doesn’t use her Ipad much, which is great.  I want her to play like I did when I was her age.  There wasn’t much technology back then.  All we had were our toys and imaginations.

We haven’t had the time to buy the much coveted trampoline yet and also want to hang up wooden little swings by the tree down in the garden.  Her new paddling pool is still in a box.  We have yet to find an even ground in the garden (it mostly slopes you see).   Need to get that sorted out soon, especially since we’ve been having such glorious weather at the moment. A friend mentioned the use of ply, the husband thinks he might also try sandbags just to even a corner space for the paddling pool.  I think a little tilt isn’t that bad.  But we’ll have to see.

All those little things-to-do have to wait till the summer when we have all the time in the world to do just that.

What about you?

Have you been spending the lovely warm weather in your garden too?

Do share.


    • Your hubby is indeed amazing! Would love it too if my husband built one for T. Your boy is lovely btw 🙂 x

    • At the moment, we can’t get enough of the garden. We’ve been lucky too, the weather has been glorious! 🙂 x

  1. Laura@dearbearandbeany

    Looks a great size garden, room for everyone. We moved a year ago and have a bigger garden and we spend a lot of time outside when it’s not raining. You can’t beat IKEA for storage X
    Laura@dearbearandbeany recently posted…My Birthday Wishlist…My Profile

    • It’s great to have a bigger outdoor space when you have kids, isn’t it? I love Ikea! I wish I could buy everything 😉 x

  2. I burn so quickly whatever the SPF, I don’t spend much time outside. Being next to an open window with a breeze is my preference right now!
    Keely recently posted…Blurred Lines Nail ArtMy Profile

    • Being next to an open window with a breeze sounds very relaxing! x

  3. Kenia Mazariegos

    Looks like your daughter is having an amazing time, wish I had a backyard lol

  4. Nicola Cassidy

    I love the look of the teepees! I would have killed for these when I was small. I agree with you – I want my kids to have the freedom and outdoor life that I had too, it’s so important. Great weather – we’ve had a nice week here in Ireland (rare) so we’ve all been out enjoying it 🙂

    • Glad you guys are also having great weather in Ireland 😉 Enjoy the sun!

  5. Sarah HP

    I find it so much easier to keep my kiddos entertained outside, they just seem to suddenly find things to do and don’t get bored like they do inside. What a blessing to have a lovely big garden for your children. It will be where so many of their childhood memories are made.

    • You are so right. T hardly ever complains about being bored now 🙂

  6. Fashion and Style Police

    Lovely photos. Yes we have been making the most of our garden now that it’s warm.

    • Yep, at least we’ve found some use for our old curtains 😉

    • At the moment, my daughter seems to have even forgotten about the trampoline. Which is good, at the moment, my husband just has no time to buy it let alone, assemble it 🙁

    • Thanks! When the weather is good (like what we’ve been having lately), she’s hardly ever in the house! 😉

  7. Kerry Norris

    Wow what a great garden. Looks like you are embracing it. I wish we had a bigger garden x

    • Same here. It’s just lovely to be outdoors especially when the weather is good. x

    • Thanks! And the good thing about all those play tents is that most of them are DIY 😉

  8. Fiona - Coombe Mill

    I’m so pleased you have managed to move and have a lovely garden space for T to enjoy. We have had such a wonderful run of weather it has been perfect for just getting out and enjoying it. All the other toys will come in time, for now T looks very content with the space you have and friends to invite over. I’d try Trago for the trampoline, they are good value and reasonable quality there, that’s where our latest farm ones have come from.

    Thank you for linking up and sharing with me at #CountryKids
    Fiona – Coombe Mill recently posted…Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

    • Thanks Fiona! You’re the third person who mentioned Trago, would you believe, I have never been there?! Another mum friend of mine has never been and we’ve been planning to visit. Must do it soon. xx

  9. Helen @ Fuss Free Living

    I played outside all the time as a child, and really hate that we now live in a flat and there is no outside space that is ours. I want my own grass beneath my feet!

    • Same here. Grew up climbing trees and I’m glad my daughter has that too. Hopefully, you’ll be owning your own patch of grass soon 😉

  10. That is lovely that your daughter is spending so much time outside. So refreshing. Our garden is quite small and covered in gravel. It’s not too good for my 11 month old to crawl around on. I’ll be requesting a bigger garden when we do a 2nd move! Love the teepees that is such a good idea! have a good summer #countrykids
    Karen recently posted…Elderflower CordialMy Profile

    • Good luck on your second move! The garden was way on top of our must-have list when we were looking around for a house 🙂 x

  11. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    I remember being so sweaty after a game of tag. This is us no? I hardly ever go back inside the house after school. I hide when its siesta time too cuz I dont want to stop playing =P

    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…Mr Bloom and My Energizer BunnyMy Profile

  12. Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby

    What a lovely garden you have! I think little T’s campsite looks amazing and so inviting, I’m not surprise why kids love it there. We had paddling pool out a few weeks ago when it was really hot, but it’s back to being wet here again so kids are now mostly indoors. Hope we get warm sunny days again soon! #CountryKids

    • I know. It almost feels like summer has left, hasn’t it? 🙂 xx

  13. Awww love your garden. We are a huge fan of outdoors too. Those teepees are so cute, we have been doing the same but we used old scarves and other fabrics. We’ve got woods and water streams behind our house and we’re there almost everyday. #countrykids
    Melody recently posted…My Sunday Photo 11/06/16My Profile

    • Woods and a stream behind your house? I’m envious! That sounds magical to me 🙂 x

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