A Very Wet and Windy Week

It’s been all about rain this week, although as I type this, we are actually experiencing a lovely sunshiny day. At night, it’s all about the wind. You’d hear it howling like ghosts, or worse, poltergeist creating havoc outside your window. It is that loud, sometimes even frightening.

In the mornings, when I take Doc out for a walk, Peppa Pig and her friends would think of the headland as paradise since it has been awashed with muddy puddles all over, not to mention wet grass.  Perfect for squelching around in your wellies.  Doc loves it.  Then again, he loves the headland no matter what the season/weather/condition is.

That sums up our week pretty much.  Wet outside, warm inside our little cottage.  With my husband, busy marking essays, replying to emails/complains/demands from his students.  I sometimes hear him grumble, grumble from where he sits.  You will find me too, with my computer on my lap, sometimes on the couch, on our bed, with the duvet warming my legs, or in the kitchen sipping coffee with Doc under the table, warming my feet.  He makes an excellent foot-rest 😉

This week my ModPo course ends, and by Monday, there will be a last live farewell Webcast.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and looking forward to doing it again next year.  The course has taught me a lot, opened my mind a lot, especially when it comes to Conceptual Poetry, which I still struggle with, but can now appreciate it more now.  Anyway, so the weather actually has been a nice backdrop to the course.  Therefore, my chosen word of the week is: RAIN!


In other news, last night was our first ever parent-teacher meeting at little T’s school.  We knew she was doing well, but was really pleased to actually hear it from her teacher.  For awhile, it even felt like she was talking about a different girl!  Sometimes T can still be shy around people, especially strangers.  When I mentioned this to Miss O (T’s teacher), she said, shy?  Not at all.  But then again, I guess it also goes to show how much comfortable she is with her teachers and classmates.  So that’s definitely another #loudnproud moment.


In the UK, the charity “Children in Need” with the help of the schools hold a yearly fundraising event and this year’s theme is “Super-heroes”.  Although it is optional, the children have a choice whether to go to school in a costume and of course, little T chose to go dressed as Elsa.  For those who think Elsa isn’t a super-hero, I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself, or else I’ll call you a rotten egg 😉  And let me remind you that Elsa has super-powers, she can freeze people, change summer into winter, make a cute snowman who loves cuddles, and she can make castles made out of ice for goodness sake!

So you better, shut-up or else my Little T will FREEZE YOU!

What was your week like?


  1. thereadingresidence

    She’s totally a super hero – looks at that ice! Little T looks so sweet, and it’s lovely to hear that she’s doing so well at school, after your initial concerns. Oh, I do wish this wind and rain would go away! I got absolutely soaked this morning on the school run! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yes, my husband and I are really pleased with her progress at school. As for the rain, I hate it! 🙁

  2. Erica Price

    She looks great as super hero Elsa. It really has been a week for rain and the wind yesterday was horrible too.

    • Thanks! We’ve had a bit of sunshine today – woohoo! And it looks like we’re going to have another bright day tomorrow. Hope it won’t change though! 😉

  3. Cate @meaddthree

    Rain is a very good word for this week, the weather has been terrible! Lovely to hear parents’ evening went well too 🙂 #wotw

    • Thank you! Looks like the weather is going to improve over the weekend, at least down here in Cornwall. Hopefully it stays that way 🙂

  4. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    The rain and howling wind is my school run enemy. Its really hard to walk properly when the elements are against you! Hopefully we will have a milder week next week and congrats to the positive feedback from your daughter’s school =) #wotw

    • Looks like we’re going to have good weather over the weekend down here in Cornwall. Hope it lasts! & also hope you guys get good weather too 🙂

  5. Life in the Wylde West

    if we could just wiggle our nose and switch places for a day! wouldn’t that be so neat? I love to see your rain and hear about your snugly cottage. I closed my eyes and imagined darkness and rain outside with a warm glow from the inside it was a nice image. Glad to hear little T is doing so well but doesn’t surprise me one bit. xo

  6. Mummy Tries

    I absolutely love the first photo in the rain! Hope T enjoyed being Elsa today, my girls are Frozen mad *still* #WotW

  7. Kim Carberry

    It’s rained all day here! I hate rain! lol
    That’s great news from the school! Well done T!
    Yes! Of course Elsa is a superhero! My girl would certainly agree x

    • I guess it rained everywhere! The weekend is looking better, hope it is for you too 🙂 x

  8. Rain is definitely a good word for the week although my eldest loves the muddy puddles it brings! Love the photo of little T dressed as Elsa – I think Elsa can count as a superhero – as you say, she certainly has superpowers! 🙂

    • I’m glad everyone agrees that Elsa can count as a super-hero because of her powers 😉

  9. Elsa is totally a hero! It has been raining al the time here too, I am inclined to hibernate until it passes #wotw

  10. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    Hmmnn, it has been rather wet hasn’t it. And it’s been wet rain too, it really does mean business!

  11. Is it odd that the wind is one of the things I miss? There’s something really lovely about snuggling down safe and warm and hearing the wind howl around the house in the teeth of a good south westerly gale – you just don’t get it in the midlands!

    • And I guess it’s also because we live by the coast. It’s always blustery here, especially by the headland.

  12. Mama Owl | Jooleroo

    Well done little T, it’s always lovely to hear that they are making great progress 🙂 She makes a beautiful Elsa! Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud

  13. naptimethoughts

    Oh yes, Elsa is most definitely a superhero. She can get any little girl to put on a replica dress. I went to j’s halloween parade this year, and EVERY SINGLE LITTLE GIRL WITHOUT EXCEPTION was Elsa. It was amazing. One of the parents next to me suggested the school out to have separated the kids by sex this year, just for effect. I agreed.

    • Oh dear, really? I find it a bit odd though (I’ll probably get shot down for saying this – hehe), why some parents dress up their kids in cutie, even Princesses outfits etc… on Halloween? Aren’t they supposed to be dressed up in “scary” costumes? Then again, anything goes I guess. My little girl though, thank-goodness, gets it. When it’s Halloween, she likes to dress-up in spooky costumes. The rest of the day/occasions, she’ll be forever an Elsa, or at least, till the next craze comes-up 😉

      • naptimethoughts

        I agree. I was the witch from the wizard of oz forever when I was little. Then I was a zombie, I even went as freddy krueger one year.
        Not anymore. So sad.

        • Freddy Krueger? Now that is scary! I remember watching the very first Nightmare on Elm street (with a very young Johnny Depp) and was totally freaked out! It took me ages to sleep!

  14. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Loved the shot of Little T freezing the bad guy! 🙂 And how wonderful did you and your husband feel to hear about how well she has been doing in school?!? I know it warmed my heart!

  15. hurrahforgin

    Cutest Elas i’ve ever seen!! Totally agree with you on the rain too – bog off! At least Doc’s having fun though x

    • We’ve had a good weekend though, lovely weather and all. Hope yours was good too 🙂 x

  16. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Elsa is absolutely a super hero 🙂 Hope you have less rain next week !

  17. Little T you just try and freeze things over here in super sunny Sydney!! Actually, we would love it if only for a few hours. It is going to be over 40 degrees tomorrow and our son has a sailing lesson with his sea scout group for 3 hours. Our skin is very fair and we usually stay right away from the beach on days like this. I hope he won’t be winning the lobster award tomorrow night.
    I would love one of these writing slopes. Last year, I bought myself a red leather folder where I can store pens and writing paper along with a ring binder for stashing completed poems and stories. Around the same time, my husband bought me a mini ipad for Christmas. Quite a developmental difference. The kids took the ipad and I must admit I’ve found the leather folder too precious to use most of the time although I did take it to the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

    • That read leather folder sounds divine! And I’m wondering what a lobster award is? I love anything sea-food. Hope the weather stays great for your son’s sailing lessons. When little T is older, we’re hoping she’d be interested in some surf-lessons, sailing lessons (if it were offered here) sounds fab too! But of course, only if she’s interested. I’m very conscious not to enforce what I think is interesting, only because I think it is 😉

      • Dean,
        Must be more careful with my use of language, particularly writing to an international audience. The lobster award was my innovative use of language. It refers to my son getting so sunburnt that he looks like a lobster. Last year, he went to a birthday party and came home so red he did look like a lobster and he had two days off school.
        We have exposed our kids to a wide range of activities. I’ve felt they need a sport, an instrument but it has become less rigid as they get older. They both do cub scouts, which is great because it exposes them to a range of activities. Our daughter does choir through school and jazz and ballet. She is quite busy. Our son plays Aussie Rules Football in winter. xx Rowena

        • Yes, I agree about being careful with the use of language. Not everyone understands idioms and the like. It took me awhile to understand and get used to British expressions and some words. I was more familiar with American terms! As for your son, hope he didn’t suffer from being burnt too much.x

  18. mytravelmonkey

    Awww Little T looks super adorable in her Elsa outfit and well done to her for her progress at school My son is exactly the same, quite shy around strangers. Hope you have a less wet week!

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