A Whiff of Summer

Could it be true?  Could summer really be near?

The clocks moved forward last Saturday and it definitely felt like we are not that far from everyone’s most favourite season – summer.  Well obviously, coming from a tropical country, it is my favourite, although I do love the golden colours in autumn too.

I love summer here in England, especially when the weather cooperates.  I love the long summer days especially, sitting out in the garden at 9 pm and it is still light.  We like to sit around in the fire-pit waiting for the dark, the barbecue long gone and drinks have been passed around and little T ready for bed, but refusing to go.  What’s not to love?

Obviously it isn’t summer yet but Spring has definitely sprung. We found something in the small outbuilding we have, down in the garden.  It was a hammock we bought on sale last year.  I think we got in the end-of-season sale in our favourite garden centre.  I remember thinking we must be mad to purchase it, especially since it was the beginning of winter, but I’m so glad we did.

T was delighted when we called her over.  And being a kid, she insisted that we used it right away.  After searching for a piece of rope and two trees that would be strong enough to hold the hammock, we set it up.

And as soon as it was up, little T plunked herself down with a book while her dad mowed the lawn and Doc was busy chewing on a stick and I went on with my chores.  I looked back as I walked back to the house to do my chores, and right that very moment, that instant, it felt like we’ve fast forwarded to summer.  Funny how a hammock can magically transport you into time.

Sadly, as I type this and look out the window, a different scene unfolds before me.  It’s rather a dreary one actually.  T has been wearing her summer dresses to school two days in a row now, even though yesterday, it was hardly sunny.  But as I helped her get ready today, I suggested maybe it would be best if she went back to wearing her grey skirt and tights instead.  She agreed and said “It’s like winter again, isn’t it mum?”  I sighed and said yes.  Her father grumpily added “Yes, that was it.  We’ve now gone back to winter!”

I’m in need of something more magical than a hammock, one so strong it will somehow bring the sunshine back and will it to stay.  Know of any?  Do share.


  1. You turn your clocks forward later in the year than we do. That’s good for you; we do it too early.

    • Sometimes I think it would be better if the clocks here moved earlier too. Then at least winter won’t seem that long and depressing! 😉

  2. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    I really know what what you mean. It was gorgeous last weekend, or so my kids tell me, we were freezing to death in Sussex, while they were sunbathing at Coombe Mill! we arrived back on Sunday afternoon and thought we arrived in another country it was so warm! If we had a hammock I know it would have been in use. I’m hoping for more of the same this weekend as we are here! That hammock looks a lovely addition to your beautiful country garden.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Country Kids 1st AprilMy Profile

    • Tomorrow is supposed to be good again. Hopefully it will last the entire Easter break, but I guess that’s too much to ask for 😉

  3. Sonia Cave

    Oh wow, I love your hammock! We are only just entering spring here, so very ever so slightly jealous of your brief almost summer weather #countrykidsfun

    • The lovely weather comes and goes. At the moment, we are experiencing glorious weather again. Hopefully it will last 😉

  4. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    The weather lately is really nice. Sebastian and I got to go out and I have something to blog! I am so jealous of your duyan! We actually want one!

    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…Here Comes The SunMy Profile

    • Oh great, will have a read too. I think we have better duyans back home, don’t you think? 😉 x

  5. RachelSwirl

    Wow I am so fancy growing some trees now just so that we can have a hammock like that!

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? T loves to lie on it and read or just go cloud-gazing 🙂

  6. I love your little hammock that is so cool – my eldest would stay in it all day f we had one. Also yay to summer being on the way – favourite time of the year

    Just popping over from Country Kids

    Laura x

  7. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Each year I think about getting a hammock. Two suitable trees would be our problem. We have trees, just none that lend themselves to hammocks. I think little T has the right idea. The most perfect place to read while you garden. This time of the year is always up and down. At least she can make the most of it in the good weather. #CountryKids
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…Raspberries, please.My Profile

    • We do put away the hammock before night falls. Sadly, today isn’t hammock weather 🙁

  8. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love the look of your hammock and Little T looks very comfy in it! It’s a shame the warm sunshine hasn’t lasted but no doubt it will be back again soon! #countrykids

    • Yes, hopefully the warm weather will be back soon. We have some sunshine today, but a bit chilly for a hammock day 😉

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