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The first time I carved a pumpkin with T, I did it the “right” way.  Not that there’s a wrong way of doing it.  What I meant was, I actually googled and downloaded a template for the faces.  I don’t bother anymore.  I just ask T to draw on the pumpkin and then I try to carve a face from her drawing.


When she’s done.  I chop the top off so she could get all the gooey stuff out.


When she was younger, this part of the activity used to bore her.  She’d stick her hands in, get a few gooey bits out and declare herself done.  This year though, she persevered till she got everything out.


When she was done.  I asked her to go and watch television while I did the carving.  Sharp knives and little ons make me nervous.  I called her back in the kitchen when all faces were done and she was pleased with our work.  We called the Historian down and dubbed the pumpkins little versions of us.


As soon as it got darker, she switched on her pumpkin lanterns and skull fairy lights and asked that we light the tea-candles inside the carved pumpkin family.


Not bad looking eh? 😉

As mentioned in a previous post, she dressed as La Muerte from the Book of Life in her Halloween disco.  She’s invited to a birthday/halloween party tonight and tomorrow and is planning to wear the same costume.  This girl has a maddening social life!


Here’s hoping our face-pain stash will last.
Have a lovely weekend folks!
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  1. The pumpkins look fantastic. I think they look so much better when they are just faces, but mine insist that I carve Pokemon out of ours. I’m also left to do all the gooey bits inside to clean out.
    I love your girl’s scary costume, she looks a real fright!
    Anne recently posted…Break – Word of the WeekMy Profile

    • Oh dear, thank goodness T hasn’t asked for Pokemon, I don’t think I’ll be able to deliver on that one 😉

    • Before having T, we didn’t celebrate it either. But it’s so much for with the little ones around 🙂

    • I know how you feel. I don’t think I’d be able to get away with not having a pumpkin!

  2. I don’t normally celebrate Halloween but I do love pumpkins I think I’ll try and make time next year to carve one.

  3. Natalia Molinero

    wow! Lovely makeup, it looks really scary and cute 🙂 I hope she has a good time in the parties x

    • Our daughter has a better social-life than us! She has another party tomorrow. x

  4. Angela Webster

    I have never seen Book of Life I really must get round to watching it because it looks fantastic. Great Pumpkin carving ours always end up looking wonky, hope your little girl enjoys her parties. #WotW

  5. What awesome pumpkins! I love your little lanterns and skull lights around the fireplace too 🙂
    My little man used to get bored whilst emptying out the inside of the pumpkin, but he’s more interested this year.
    Hope you all have a great weekend x

  6. Lovely! Great costume and brilliant job on the pumpkins. I need to start ours tomorrow. Any tips on what you actually use to carve it?

    Kat x

    • I actually only use a regular knife. I did try with a carving knife once, but it was too sharp! I was too paranoid. A regular kitchen knife will do 😉

  7. Fab pumpkins!! I’m really excited about Halloween this year, the youngest three are really excited about it all and we’ve enjoyed such a good run up. Happy Halloween!

  8. Jodie | Dear little Daisy

    Looks like you had lots of fun! The pumpkins look great and so does T in her little costume. This time of year is the best 🙂 We haven’t attempted to carve a pumpkin just yet, we’re leaving it a little late! xx

  9. Lisa lambert(

    Absolutely love her costume and the pumpkins look amazing too. We haven’t done any this year we just haven’t had time 🙁

  10. The pumpkins look fabulous! And what a great idea to get templates for it. I think when my little one is older that would be a good idea. This year he didn’t want to “hurt” the pumpkins s we had to give carving a miss haha.

    Jordanne ||
    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl recently posted…Review │ Runaway FoxMy Profile

    • Aww, that is so sweet. I only used templates the first time we carved pumpkins. Don’t do that anymore 😉

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