An Easy Sunday

I had a grand plan yesterday (sunday).  The plan was to get up, eat breakfast with the family and then drive all the way down to Falmouth to visit Pendennis Castle.  We haven’t had the chance to use our English Heritage membership for ages now, nor have we used our National Trust one, part of my genius plan was to make the most of everything.

But then, as always, I had another bad night and when you have terrible nights, plans do tend to fly out the window.  Luckily though, all wasn’t lost.  You’ve probably heard me say this a dozen times, especially if you’ve been following my blog, the good thing about where we live is that you don’t really need to go far to go to somewhere nice.  So instead, of going to a castle built during the reign of Henry VIII, we ended up in Widemouth bay, a lovely beach not far from our little village.

It was a cold and blustery day, but of course, the little one hardly noticed it.  No matter the weather, the beach is always a fun place to be when you’re a child or a dog.

I love this photo of the three of them.  I remember taking a photo similar to this one, but only it was of my husband and Mutt (our dog who died of bone cancer, before little T was born).  If you’re curious too see it, click here.

Poor sun.  It was trying its best to peer among the clouds, but sadly, the grey was just too strong and stubborn to allow it to take more than just a peek.

And when it got too cold, we decided to take shelter in the nearby beach cafe for a little snack.

of yummy delicious hot-chocolate complete with whipped cream and choco flake…

Little T settled for ice-cream on top of waffle swathed in maple syrup.

As you can see, she quickly demolished the ice-cream.  And when it was done and dusted, she wanted to head back to the beach for more fun and play.

Apart from the beach and the rock-pools, the nearby cliff also offers a few small caves where one can go exploring.

And it wasn’t just people and dogs who were out enjoying the dry weather yesterday …

so were the horses.

I love sundays like this one.  There’s really no pressure to do anything or to stick to any plan.  I’m actually learning now that the best memories made are actually the ones that were un-planned, that were spontaneous, and done in the last-minute… do you agree?


  1. Oh the unplanned adventures are often the best and that hot chocolate looks amazing! And we’ll done Little T on going for ice cream regardless of the weather!!

    • You’re absolutely right! 🙂 As for the ice-cream, little T will eat it everyday with every meal if she can get away with it 😉

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I do love unplanned days, and I had the best weekend, ever, I dont remember anything that stands out, just that the overall feeling was one of bliss! I keep meaning to compile my pictures from the weekend 🙂

    • That’s what I felt too, standing on that cold blustery beach, and the feeling was even intensified once we were inside the cafe drinking hot chocolate and little T demolishing that waffle. If only all days were like that 😉

  3. Kriss MacDonald

    I’m feeling so jealous as the location is breathtaking. Even with the sun struggling to appear it just looks like an amazing beach and cliffs to explore on an unplanned day’s out. And on a planned day too!

    • And here I am, every time I see your photographs of the area where you live, I always think – what a lovely place to be! 😉

  4. Coombe Mill

    I totally agree with you, I often set off to the beach with my kids and just let the day unfold, children create their own fun and going with the flow is often the best way for a relaxed day out. Lovely photos and a great beach. thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    • Yes, especially since there’s no point in getting stressed with the little things 🙂

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