And Just Like That…. Half-term Break is Over

Photo above is what the weather is currently like at the moment.  We are enveloped in a sea of mist that really looks like a set in a movie based in one of Stephen King’s novels.  I’m just really glad that the weather wasn’t like this during the half-term break.  We had a few days of glorious sunshine it almost felt like spring has sprung.

February half-term is only a week and we didn’t really do or go anywhere special but at least we managed to visit the beach a couple of times.

Went to Widemouth, our go-to-beach when we want an easy stroll on the beach.  I’ve mentioned this beach a lot of times on this blog, maybe because it’s such a short drive from where we live.  It has a nice long stretch of beach even when it’s high tide.  Perfect for a lovely stroll to blow off some cobwebs.

Was it cold?  Yes, it was.  But we were dressed for it.  After all, winter isn’t really gone yet.  We stayed till it started to rain before heading back home again.

Do you like going to the beach in the cold?



  1. Looks like you had some lovely beach days. I can’t believe it’s all over it went by in a flash didn’t it?

    • Yes it happened so quickly thank goodness Easter break is just around the corner 🙂

  2. Bella at Dear Mummy Blog

    We love the beach when it’s cold and you are lucky to live so near to the coast! We visited a couple of beaches on our tour of Northern Ireland last week. It was bliss beachcombing x

  3. What Mum Loves

    The Widemouth beach is beautiful! I am so grateful for the few sunny days we had recently, they made this half term very special x

  4. What Mum Loves

    The Widemouth beach is beautiful! I am so grateful for the few sunny days we recently had, they made this half term very special x

    • Same here. We had lovely weather over the break and then it went bad again… Then now the sun is out again! 🙂

  5. Laura Dove

    Ahh it goes so fast doesn’t it! How lovely that you got outdoors so much, the weather was awful up north!

  6. Fashion and Style Police

    I have never been to the beach in winter. I bet it was freezing.

  7. Helen Wills

    It never feels long enough, does it? Love that you were able to get out for some beach walks – looks like you had decent weather!

  8. Half terms and holidays always seem to go so fast dont they – a bit like weekends I find! Looks like you had fun in the fresh air – love the beach pics.

  9. Kids of the Wild

    I love going to the beach in any weather. That half term sun looks fab and you made the most of it. I recently experienced my first ever and probably last beach blizzard in Northumberland! #CountryKids

  10. Coombe Mill

    Widemouth is still a beach I haven’t properly explored with the kids, with it being a little further away it feels like it needs a little more planning. Farmer Amber grew up with this has her go-to beach though and says the boys would love surfing there. T looks like she loved exploring the beach, the shots of her running around make it clear she loves getting out in the fresh air.

    Thanks for sharing your beach adventure on #CountryKids.

    • Yes, your boys will definitely love surfing here. You guys should come and visit one of these days. It really isn’t that far 😉 x

  11. We have had many days out at the beack this half term – I actually think I prefer a Winter beach than a Summer one. Gorgeous pictures #countrykids

    • Thanks. Same here. Although I’m not sure I prefer the beach in the winter than warmer weather 🙂

  12. Going to a beach in winter is always fun…February is usually a great month to visit beaches with family. Very sweet post. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  13. Merlinda Little

    I can see the difference with the weather. I am always so careful when its foggy as I feel like yes I am in a horror movie!

    We do love to go to the beach whatever the weather all the more when its cold because the beach is emptier. We can do what ever we want as long as (like you) we are wearing the right gear =)

    Merlinda Little recently posted…*2 RizalsMy Profile

  14. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    What a beautiful beach and how lovely to live so close by. It does look cold but it also looks like you had a beautiful sunny day for your trip and T certainly looks like she is enjoying herself 🙂 #countrykids

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