Country Kids: A Chocolate Egg Hunt

I know Easter is finished and everyone has moved on, though we still have loads of chocolate left-overs since we’ve been rationing them to T, we don’t want her to over-do it like she did on Easter Sunday.  The down-side is, it’s taking ages to get through them.  I know, some of you may think I’m nuts for complaining about having chocolates around.  Is it me, or do you also hear a tiny voice that says “Eat me?” every time you see one lying around?

A few days ago, little T had some friends over and since we still had loads of chocolate, even a tub of chocolates for an Easter egg hunt we planned to organise in the new garden.  But since the move hasn’t happened yet, a friend and I decided to do it in the playground.

The trick was, how do we hide the chocolates with the kids around?  Luckily, there is a skateboard ramp near the playground.  When we arrived, we suggested to the kids, why not play at the skate-ramp first which thank goodness, they happily obliged us with nary a complaint.

They didn’t suspicious that we sent them off and were happily playing on the ramp while their mum and I quickly “hid” a bunch of chocolates around the playground with little clues arrows pointing on where to find them.

We didn’t really hide them of course, after all they are only five and one three-year-old little boy.

On the merry-go-around.

Under the see-saw and a few other visible places.

The biggest eggs we put on the fort, but since there were only two big ones, we told them that they all had to share it.  Was a bit worried that it might end in tears, thankfully they were all happy about sharing.

Once my friend M and I were done with the dispersing of chocolates, we called the little rascals in.

Of course it is was easy to find …

We told them though that they had to hop to where the chocolates were, but I guess they were too excited and ended up hopping-running-jumping like little loonies.

Then they sat down to eat some of their chocolates.  I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t gobble them all down in one sitting.  I guess it was because they were after all in the playground.  Who wants to eat more when you can play with your friends and run and jump around like a pair of little monkeys?

Do you still have left-over East egg chocolates?


  1. Grant Robson

    Brilliant. And well done for being so organised with arrows! I’m afraid the arrows would just end up pointing to my belly, which is where so much of the easter egg chocolate inevitably ends up……
    Grant Robson recently posted…Rose Cottage, CrailMy Profile

  2. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    This is such a good idea! Max isn’t even two yet, and we are trying to limit the chocolate, but even we still have a few left (hubby suggested last night that we share the last one between us – I was shocked!) What good sharers too!
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…5 Happy Things #11My Profile

    • It’s a bit difficult to limit chocolate at home because my husband loves them too! I keep reminding him that he has to set a good example to his daughter… Does he listen? Sometimes 😉

  3. Laura@dearbearandbeany

    I know what you mean about too much chocolate still in the house! These looks like lots of fun and it looks like you had the park to yourself which helped. X
    Laura@dearbearandbeany recently posted…The Liebster Award!My Profile

    • Yes, was a bit surprised that the park was empty, although a little boy and his mum did arrive after the hunt, but apart from them, it was empty 😉

  4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog

    That’s a great way to disperse left over chocolate – and no, I don’t have any left over… the Easter Bunny brought me chocolates too, and I discovered exactly how long it takes me to finish a 1 pound box.
    And it wasn’t a good discovery!! LOL
    Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog recently posted…The Day I Said a Bad WordMy Profile

    • As usual, your comments always make me giggle 😉 We still have loads of left-over chocolate. My husband loves it too you see, that’s why I don’t understand why we still have loads? I have this stinking feeling that he’s buying them again behind my back 😉

    • Then you must organise an Easter egg hunt for grown-ups next year 😉

  5. Ana De- Jesus

    I didn’t even get an Easter egg sadly, I miss those days. Glad they enjoyed their hunt and treats.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…F***king UpMy Profile

  6. Cathy ( MummyTravels )

    Very cute idea – we did a mini hunt on Easter Sunday at my brother’s although we left almost all of it there. We have masses left for her and I don’t need the temptation!
    Cathy ( MummyTravels ) recently posted…Meet the animals at Gwel An Mor, CornwallMy Profile

  7. Awww, what a lot of fun the must have had! And so exciting to do it all over again. My tot is still too young, but I so distinctly the excitement when I was a kid!
    Abbey recently posted…In Love With The Maldives!My Profile

    • We certainly did, thanks! There’s still loads of chocolate though. Sigh. x

  8. Kerry Norris

    Oh what a lovely idea. They all looked like they loved it. Great that the weather was dry x

    • We were lucky that day, yes 🙂 Sadly tomorrow and the days to come will be wet ones 🙁

  9. We didnt get our kids easter eggs, just some small lindt bunnies and chicks then some books and told most of our family not to bother, some still did and the kids managed a bit but either my hubby has eaten the rest or they are still there. We try to give our kids dark chocolate and its too expensive to ask people to buy that instead but to be honest they still have chocolate from Christmas haha. They did however have brownies and my little t cleared them out ☺
    Marie recently posted…Wentworth Miller’s Responce to a Meme and How it Relates to my LifeMy Profile

    • Oh it’s hard to say no to chocolates, isn’t it? Like your husband, mine loves them too. Like I mentioned, we try to ration them out, but doesn’t work that well I’m afraid, especially since my daughter has her dad to back her up!

    • Oh Zena, we’ve all been helping with the consumption… I’m just wondering though how come we never seem to ran out of it! Unless my husband has been buying them again behind my back 😉

  10. Such cute pictures! We had very little left over chocolate but the idea of hiding and making a game is so cool, I think kids always love to go searching for stuff and when chocolate is the reward, all the better!

  11. It definitely looks like a fantastic experience! Even I would like to take part in it 🙂

  12. Aww that is a very sweet idea. Left over chocolate does not happen with me around LOL My nephew is 3 and my sister in law did an egg hunt for him for the first time and he found everything so quickly! She wished she had hidden them in harder places

  13. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    I love the distraction technique for hiding the eggs, sounds like it worked a treat. Play areas are great for hiding Easter Eggs, I made use of all of ours here too. I’m sure it takes longer to hide them than to find them though! Well done the kids for not scoffing them all clearly being at the playground has its advantages. Thank you for sharing a lovely afternoon with me on #CountryKids
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…The Coombe Mill Easter Egg HuntMy Profile

    • In spite the second easter egg hunt, would you believe, we still have left-overs!

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