Late Post: Bonfire Night

For those who are not familiar with Guy Fawkes Night, this  happens every 5th of November.  It commemorates a failed plot to blow up the House of Lords in 1605. To celebrate the King’s survival, people decided to light bonfires around London.

This year, the 5th of November fell under a very wet Thursday.  I don’t think there was much celebrating in our area that day.  By Friday, the weather was still bad but at least turned better in the early evening and as we drove back from little T’s gymnastics class, we saw some beautiful fireworks display on our way home.

The next day, though still gloomy, we planned to meet up with some friends in the next village which had a Bonfire Night celebration planned on their cricket grounds.  And I’m glad we went, it turned out to be a fun night after all.

They lighted a huge bonfire far from the crowd.

The Cricket Club charged £5 at the entrance, but this included a burger or some hotdogs.  I think it was so worth it!  A lot of the children from little T’s small village school were there, so all the kids had fun playing together.  It actually felt like a school gathering.

And there’s little T with her friends running around like loonies with their glow sticks in hand.  At one point, they decided they were too warm for their coats!  While the adults all huddled together sipping mulled wine and commenting on the cold wind.

And before long, the fireworks display began.

One of the mums bought some sparklers and little T and her friends gamely sat down with their own little “fireworks”.

Before the night got too cold, we all decided it was time to go home and agreed that it turned out to be a great night in spite the bad weather at the beginning of the day.

Did you go to any fireworks display?

Do you like fireworks?

Doc doesn’t.  He hates them.  He spent most of the night on his bed, cowering.  Poor doggie.  What to do with him on New Year’s Eve?!


  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    It’s great that after such a bad week of weather you still managed to make the most of Bonfire Night. Little T looks like she’s having a great time running around with all her friends and just making the most of the community spirit. It’s great that you all had a fab night and it turned out better than hoped. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Looks like a grand time, but how could it be anything but when you get to have a bonfire?!? 🙂

  3. Kriss MacDonald

    We missed the local bonfire because we went to a bonfire party instead! It’s actually sun a fun evening for both kids and adults. I used to have to lock my dog in the bathroom on bonfire night because she was so terrified by the noise of the fireworks.

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