One Crisp Autumn Day

Our life here in the country is really simple.  We don’t really go out much, especially when the husband is busy with his work.  Apart from the hike over at Rough Tor, we didn’t really do a lot over the half-term break.  Luckily, we have a big garden and when the weather was good over the holiday, T and I were out there, raking-leaves.  She’s such a good little helper. She likes doing chores with me.

We actually like staying home.  Of course, you’ll hear “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing for me to do” occasionally especially when the weather is bad.  But I guess like all solo kids, she eventually finds something to do and when the weather is good, as mentioned, we are out in the garden pottering around.

Last year, we bought her, her own little rake and garden gloves.  That’s one of the reasons why she loves helping because she has her own tools.  It makes her feel more “grown-up” I guess.

We have a lot of trees out there, so we constantly have to rake the leaves, if not, there’ll be a blanket of mucky-brown leaves on the lawn before you know it.  During school days, I consider this my autumn exercise, raking and wheeling my pile of leaves down the garden.  But when T is home, it’s a mother and daughter team.

T also likes to clear her trampoline off the leaves.

My little gardener.  Watch her go.

We have a compost pit where we pile all the leaves on behind our little barn.

Autumn is a second spring.

Where every leaf is a flower.

– Albert Camus

And there she is, resting after an afternoon of raking the leaves.  And of course, Doc was also out there with us.

He likes to either run around with a stick on his mouth or lie on the grass and crunch on a stick that he’s found.  You’ll hear him crunch, crunching on his stick.

And when he sees Boots, they like to stare and wait for the other to make a move and it’s usually Doc, but of course, he never out runs her.  She’s the boss and he knows it.

Just for fun, T and I made a little shortie

What’s your garden like in Autumn?


  1. Coombe Mill

    T looks like she’s having a blast helping you rake the leaves in the garden, especially with Doc there to help. Sweeping off the trampoline looks like masses of fun too, I’m sure T had a wonderful time playing over half term. T really was hard at work helping you.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

    • We used to have a small garden. It’s definitely easier to keep tidy than a big one 😉 x

    • I so agree with you, especially when it’s been wet. The leaves turn really mucky and muddy. So not fun!

  2. Your garden looks lovely and big. It sounds like your little one loves to get involved in helping in the garden and be out in the fresh air. I think mine might too if we had a bigger garden and they had their own tools.

  3. Getting the garden ready for winter and racking the leaves is a lovely way to spend time together and to get some fresh air. Your garden looks like it’s huge so it’s nice you get some help! #countykids

    • Indeed. I need all the help I can get. Although admittedly I also enjoy doing it on my own 🙂

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