Our Last 2015 Walk on the Headland

We’ve been having really bad weather lately.  In fact, it is flooded in some parts of England and Scotland.  For those who are in the UK, hope you are all safe and dry.

When the rain stops, its best to head out or else you’ll end up stuck in your home and end up having cabin fever, especially when you have a dog.  And that’s precisely what we did a few days before the new year.

We bundled up, even though it has been relatively a mild winter, up in the headland though, it is always breezy.  A wooly hat, scarf and wellies are a must!

And sometimes, just sometimes, I have to drag little T along, especially when she claims to be tired.

And in the next minute, full of energy, running around like a loony just like her dog saying,  “I’m being blown by the wind!” 

And then giggles, as she drops her hat.

 What about you?

Have you been up and about this holiday break?


  1. Coombe Mill

    Hasn’t the weather been pants! I’ve been soaked so many times on walks this week and the farm is looking like a mud bath! Never the less we just have to get back, it makes coming home for hot baths much more enjoyable! I love your stretch of coastline there, it always looks so breathtaking and full of freedom and adventure.A very Happy New Year and thank you for joining in with the first #CountryKids of 2016.

  2. Colette B

    What a gorgeous place to explore. We’ve suffered some pretty terrible weather up North so have spent a lot of the holidays indoors.

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I chilled out! I took time off work and I did NOTHING and it was awesome! I ran errands, went to the movies with Mr. T, I exercised, I watched way too much TV, I hung out with friends… it was Ah-Mazing! 🙂

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