Paint The Sky Blue

We had really bad weather last week.  It felt like summer has indeed packed its bag and waved hasta la vista to us.  It was cold, damp, wet, dreary and grey.  I wondered if Autumn has come, but reminded myself that it is only August and September has yet to arrive.

I felt bad for our dear friend who was visiting, though he has visited a number of times, no one likes to go on holiday in the rain.  But in spite of the dull weather, no visit to Cornwall is ever complete without dropping by the beach.  And that’s exactly what we did, took him down to Crackington Haven.

As you can see, T doesn’t really care whether the sun is shinning our not, when out on the beach, she simple goes wild.

Yes, it’s a catch me if you can moment …

Why bother?

We just her be.

Until of course, it was time to go home.

She was like the little piggy who cried

wee-wee-wee all the way home.

I’m so glad the sun has come back … for this week at least.

I’ve linked this up with Podcast’s What’s the Story


  1. I’m glad y’all had a lovely time, in spite of the grey weather! 🙂

  2. hurrahforgin

    I remember being at the beach everyday of the summer holidays when i was a kid. in my head it was always hot and sunny but my mum remembers otherwise 😉

    • Thank goodness for that! That’s proof then that in our children’s world, it’s always sunny no matter what. That’s a really nice thought =)

    • As always, it’s lovely to see you again and looking forward to seeing you again soon! =)

  3. jojoka1963

    Ah, beautiful Cornwall. Whether it rains or not I love the SW (only because I’m from Plymouth, originally!).
    The kids really don’t care do they, if the sun shines or not?

  4. Charly Dove

    Crackington Haven seems wonderful even when it’s not sunny. Looks like T had the best time, no wonder she didn’t want to go home! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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