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Lately I’ve been missing the madness of city living again and if T didn’t love her school and her friends so much, we’d move in a heartbeat.  The yearning comes and goes but on a day like this particular one also reminds me to be thankful of where we live right now especially with a little child in tow and as the ever wise Dr. Seuss once said:

Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re really quite lucky.”

And indeed we are lucky to live where we live.  Beautiful beaches are within a ten-minute drive from our house.  If we wanted to venture out just a bit further, like a thirty-minute drive to our current favourite beach, we’re there soon enough.

Sandymouth beach in North Cornwall is our current fave.  We first discovered it last year.  It’s a lovely beach owned by the National Trust, some may find it a bit rocky, but it has many beautiful features like this lovely waterfalls.  If you’ve been reading this little online space of ours, you might have just read about this slice of heaven in past posts.  It also has a lovely National Trust cafe, so yes, a must-visit if you’re in the area.

It was summer the last time we were here.  Imagine T’s surprise when we came back and found the waterfalls over-brimming with water.  Last time we were here, it was a mere trickle.  Just look at these photos:

i just love the expanse of this beach.  It was nearing high-tide when we arrived, so we couldn’t really venture out further, but there was still enough beach for a lovely stroll.

From where we were walking, you could see people up in the headland enjoying the view.

After walking around, we spread our picnic blanket on top of the rocks and just enjoyed the scenery before us.  This is the life.  This is all you need.  The people whom you love the most and a flask of tea.  What more can you ask for?  Okay, maybe enough money to buy a house in the city 😉

“The beach is not a place to work, to read, write or to think”

  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

Poor Doc – we weren’t able to let him off leash since there were a few families around with little kids.  Sadly, he still hasn’t outgrown the “jumping on strangers” with an eager beaver face.

After having our fill of quiet solitude and hot tea, we decided it was time for cake at the cafe.  While demolishing a lovely piece of chocolate cake, we noticed this really brave Blackbird perch itself up a few tables from where we sat outdoors facing the sea.  It didn’t seem to be bothered by our presence at all.

And then it was time to explore that headland, which we’ve never had the chance to explore till now.

That’s the National Trust cafe and parking lot (above photo).

Waterfalls seen from above.

What do you think?

Would you exchange all this for city living?



  1. I live in the London suburbs and dream of this kind of living. I love being by the coast so much and wanted to literally step inside your photos!

    • I guess it’s always the case of the grass is the greener, isn’t it? Would love to experience London living, even in the suburbs! 🙂

  2. It took me such a long time to adjust to life in the country, but now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Those beaches looks wonderful, how lucky you are to live so close to such beautiful coastline! I hope you settle in and feel more at home soon.

    • We’ve lived here in North Cornwall for almost a decade now. Yes, I’m definitely settled 😉 But admittedly still yearn for city-living every now and then especially since before moving to Cornwall, I’ve lived in cities all my life 🙂

  3. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    This looks beautiful. We’re coming to north Cornwall in the summer and we’re members of the NT, this is going on my list of places to visit x

    • Yes, you must visit Sandymouth. I bet the girls will love it too. It’s a bit rocky, so make sure you visit during the low-tide. There’s a shipwreck somewhere on the beach. We haven’t spotted it yet, but you guys might get lucky! 😉 x

  4. Newcastle Family Life

    what beautiful photos, this looks like a wonderful place to visit x

  5. I am from the countryside originally and moved to London a year and a half ago so I know what you mean by how you can miss things sometimes. But I think the rocky beach you have is absolutely beautiful.

  6. You live in a beautiful part of the world. It would be amazing to live near the sea. I wish we lived closer to one 🙂

  7. I would absolutely move to a beautiful place like that! I grew up in the country so I’m definitely more at home amongst nature. Those photos are gorgeous and really do an amazing job of capturing your wonderful day!

    • Thank you! I grew up in the city you see so while I do love country living I occasionally miss the madness of city living 🙂

  8. This is a tough call. With such beautiful scenery and tranquility, it would be kind of tough to trade in for the hustle and bustle of the city!

  9. All of your pictures are beautiful! I grew up in the country but military life has put me in some bigger cities. Both city living and country living have their benefits.

  10. I’d love to live outside of the city where you’re at. It’s quite breathtaking!

    • At the moment, I wouldn’t swap it either… but hmmm, let’s see what the future has in store for us 😉

  11. Oh wow what a gorgeous spot to explore on a wintery day. I love Cornwall – I studied down in Falmouth for a year and loved it. So many great hikes and that beach with the waterfall – so pretty

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted…Tenby and Kidwelly CastleMy Profile

  12. Coombe Mill

    This looks like a fantastic beach to explore, I’ve never been to Sandymouth myself so I’ll have to make a note of it. T looks amazed by the amount of water coming down the waterfall, it’s lovely to see. Sometimes I miss the easy transport links and the hustle and bustle of city life but then I see the kids out on the farm and I’m soon brought back to reality.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    • We were really surprised with how close it was to where we live. Yes, you really ought to visit too 🙂

  13. Kids of the Wild

    What a wonderful way to spend a winter’s day, even if you are yearning for the city. The beach is so soul restoring. Shame Doc was on the lead but my pooch was a jumper for a year or so, he assumed every living human was his plaything! I think your Robin might be a blackbird from the photo… Great post, love beach life #CountryKids

    • Oh yes, it’s a blackbird… hahaha. I remember now… Why on earth did I call it a Robin? 😉 Thank you for correcting me. Will edit. x

  14. Annette, Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne

    I wouldn’t exchange all of this for the world! But then again, I’ve never been a city girl. For me, this is the life indeed. Stunning photos too.

  15. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    That beach is stunning and I love the waterfall. I have to say, I do envy you living in such a beautiful part of the country and having stunning beaches like this nearby. We are probably at least 90 minutes drive from the nearest beach. I can understand missing some aspects of city living though. Sometimes it would just be nice to be able to have the best of both worlds! #countrykids

    • Yes, you are so right. Would love to have the best of both worlds too 🙂

  16. Karen | TwoTinyHands

    I love your photos they are beautiful! I couldn’t imagine living in hustling bustle at all. I love being in a town surrounded by countryside. Can’t beat taking a flask of tea Ona trip out! Just ideal #countrykids
    Karen | TwoTinyHands recently posted…E is for Emergency Vehicles My Profile

    • Thank you. I’d be happy in a town actually and not necessarily the big city 😉

  17. The Reader's Tales - A Swiss Lifestyle

    Oh my goodness! This is heaven on earth 🙂
    You are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place:) absolutely love your photos 🙂

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