Window shopping from afar

Back when I was working and single, whenever I was down or feeling burned out from work, my number one stress-reliever would go to the mall and do recreational window-shopping. The danger there of course is that I would sometimes come home with purchases I absolutely regretted.

Now that I live in a little village by the ocean, window-shopping in malls is just not possible, unless I choose to travel for at least an hour to get to the nearest shopping center. Oh don’t get me wrong, we do have shops down in our little village. However, they are mostly gift shops that cater to tourists. You know those little shops that sell decorative beach huts, wooden seagulls and postcards, yes, you get the picture.

I would love to say that’s the view from my window, it isn’t.  However, it is just a few minutes walk from our little house.  And this photo was NOT taken today.  Obviously not.  It was taken about a couple of years ago, around May time if I’m not mistaken.  

Anyway, so when the need arises, I result to the next-best-thing, window-shopping online.  Since I’m feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps lately, as soon as T fell asleep, I went online.  Two hours later, I’m still browsing.

Allow me to share my indulgence with you, although if you are a male reader, you might just have to pass this one over, unless of course, looking at pretty summer tops to buy for your little girl also makes you happy.  Then I’ll be happy to take you shopping with me too as long as you don’t complain about how long it takes me to decide on whether I like the top or not.  Deal?

Anyway, here are a few lovely tops from Zara I absolutely love:

Now if only the freakin temperature would climb up more than just a notch and for the sun to stay in the sky where it freakin belongs instead of hiding behind the clouds, or behind a blanket of mist and fog like a freakin wimp.  There’s no point in dressing up your little girl in cute outfits if they’ll just be covered in cardigans and a coat!  Honestly, the calendar in my kitchen even says the British Summer time officially began last month! It is after all almost the end of blimming April and there isn’t any sign of it ever-coming!

Now excuse me while I allow myself to be even more miserable.

If you’re lucky to live in a place where it’s okay for your daughter to wear these lovely summer outfits without hiding them under a cardigan or a coat and want to make a purchase.


  1. kalacourt

    I thought the weather would be warm here in algiers, but it’s been cold, windy, and it’s been raining since yesterday might nonstop. I think the weather has gone nuts, and there is so no way to escape. summer had better last til October!

    • Oh dear and all the while I thought you’ve escaped the chilly weather in Europe! I thought it’s supposed to be warm in Algiers? Maybe it’s just now, or global warming, or the end of the world… whatever. Good to hear from you! =)

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