Z is for Zany

Finally the letter “Z”

I chose the word Zany and felt that since it is the end of PODcast’s Photography Project,  it was only right to end with photographs of Little T’s “zaniness”.


It’s actually difficult to photograph little T, it requires a lot of patience, because as soon as she sees me focus my camera on her, she would always break into a silly face or pose like the one above and the one below.


 And if I use my stern mummy voice, I might get this …


which is still a bit zany, but at least, it’s not a funny-face, just a bit silly, but then again she is after all Little T, that’s what she does!

Z is for zany.

I can’t believe it’s the end of this series!  Really had fun posting photographs from A-Z.

Hope you guys had fun too!



  1. What gorgeous pics! I love her little coat! I know what you mean about getting the camera out and they’ve already run off or pulled a silly face! Youve captured her beautifully though. Fab alphabetphoto x

  2. Yep I know what you mean! Before when my son is younger I can make him pose any position I want. Smile. Hug a product box (for contest) and so on. Now almost all of my photos are either blurry or with funny faces =P #AlphabetPhoto

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