February Chat with a Dad: Laurence of Chasing Wilderness

January is finally over.  Sadly, winter isn’t.  Thank goodness February only has 28 days!  Spring will be here soon and hopefully more brighter days which will mean more chances to do outdoor fun and activities for the little ones.

Laurence the dad behind the blog Chasing Wilderness, certainly knows about outdoor adventures in nature.  Come and have a little read:

Tell us something about yourself and your little ones.

My name is Laurence and I live in Bristol with my wife Adele and my two girls Ophelia who is nearly 1 and Talitha who is 3 and a half.

What was your little ones birth stories like?

Gosh. That could be an essay. Two very different births. One hospital. One at home which went much more smoothly and was more how we wanted it. Suffice to say I now know that if your first birth doesn’t go according to plan, there is no reason why the second one can’t.

What you wish you knew about being a Dad before becoming one?

It’s not all about the birth. I was too focused on that and not enough on the rest of my life after that.

How do you balance your time between work and fatherhood?

I recently became freelance with the aim of not having to work all the time to earn the necessary bacon. We’re trying to live on the minimum we need so that I can spend time with the family here and there. Sometimes it’s enforced when the work doesn’t come in, but I try and stay relaxed and enjoy time with the family.

How do you manage child-free time with your wife? Do you have date-nights?

We go through spurts of doing this for a few weeks, then it falls by the way side. So the answer is no, but we ought to.

Any favourite anecdotes of your little ones?

I’m not great with anecdotes. The almost one-year-old is going through a huge developmental spurt right now and it’s amazing how relatable she’s becoming. Every morning she shuffles over to the door to wave me goodbye as I leave for work.

What is it about fatherhood you love about?

Discovering new things about these little people I have in my care. Teaching them things. I really want to impart an outdoorsy spirit, love of nature, the land, origins of food, active lifestyle and love seeing them start their journey in this. I love it when the older one wants to re-examince a plant we were looking at even a few weeks back.

If there is anything about fatherhood you dislike about, what would it be?

Not having enough time to do pastimes and sports. I’ve not been surfing in ages, which is criminal.

If you were given the chance to be a stay-at-home-Dad would you take it?

No way. Far too much like hard work.

Best Advice you’ve ever received about Fatherhood?

I can’t really think of any. I guess I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can now. Not work too hard and find time to be with the kids. Everyone always says it goes by too fast, it just always seems to coincide with peak moments in people’s careers. Balancing work ambition and fatherhood ambitions is what I’d like to try and do.

If you can give yourself advice before becoming a Dad, what would it be?

Don’t do it! No, do do it! It’s a strange thing… it’s such a roller coaster of good things, amazing cuddles and play fights, laughter and joy at seeing first steps etc, coupled with immense frustration at them not sleeping, crying and pouring salt everywhere in cafes while I’m trying to enjoy a coffee.

Thank you so much Laurence!

To read more about this lovely family’s outdoor fun and adventure, do head over to Chasing Wilderness.  You can also follow him over at twitter here.

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    LOL, I love the comment that he was way too focused on the birth – and didn’t give near enough thought to what comes after!! hahahahahaha. I love when you interview dads – such a different perspective!

  2. Good interview. I know what Laurence means about losing personal time for hobbies and so on – it’s one of the ongoing challenges for all parents, finding time as a couple and as individuals. I’m still working on that one…

    • Thanks Tim. Yes, I can imagine how difficult it can be, especially when you have more than one child! I only have little T, thankfully though, I’m the most boring person in the world and don’t really have much hobbies, apart from reading and writing which I can do at home 😉

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