January Chat with a Mum: Katie of Hurrah for Gin

It’s 2014!  Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and not nursing a terrible hang-over.  If you are, another mug of coffee might just do the trick.  I can’t believe Chats with Mums and Dads is now a year old.  I started this little section featuring friends I’ve known for ages, before inviting other mums who blogs and then eventually dads too.

Thank you to all the past mums and dads who have been featured on Chat with Mums/Dads.  You guys are the best!

Anyway, since it is the New Year,  I’m starting it with a bang and featuring one of my most favourite people/bloggers on the wide world web.  Her name is Katie of the must-read Hurrah for Gin blog.  Her blog posts are both fun and funny and she also has the most adorable little boys!  She has wit and spunk and is a very pretty mummy too.  Read on to find more about her:

Tell us something about yourself and your little ones (age & sex)

I’m a 33 year old freelance digital marketeer and community manager with two ‘lively’ boys. F is 3 and S is 10 months. I started blogging in part to document memories but mostly to experience blogging from behind the scenes!

What was your children’s birth story like?

The first was long and horrendous, I ended up having an epidural along with an assisted delivery and was stuck in hospital for 3 nights. I was not looking forward to my second labour but it was much, much better. My waters went in Sainsbury’s local and he was in my arms 3 hours later!

What you wish you knew about being a mother, before becoming one? 

That all babies are different and no person or book can really give you the answers. Unfortunately you just have to learn it all the hard way!

 How do you manage your “me-time”? 

This is a hard one, I think it’s so important but I do struggle. One of the things I have done lately is start a Saturday morning art class, I really enjoy focusing my mind of something creative and totally separate from being a mum. I come home feeling like I have just visited a spa

Do you have a favourite anecdote of your little one?

Daddy:  You’re full of beans today!

Little F: No I’m not full of beans I’m full of chicken nuggets. I don’t like beans, I like grapes!

 What is it about Motherhood you absolutely love about? 

As hard and trying as it is, my sons never fail to put a smile on my face or crack me up with laughter every day.

If there is anything about Motherhood you dislike about, what would it be? 

The whinging! About everything! My eldest can’t seem to even ask a question in a normal voice anymore.

What’s a typical day like for you and your little ones? 

We are out and about a lot! I have two very active boys and staying in for more than an hour or two just isn’t an option.  We all benefit massively by keeping busy with visits to play groups, the park, friend’s houses or dreaded soft play if the weather is bad! If the weather is sunny we can mostly be found by the beach as we are very lucky to live very close.

Best advice you’ve ever received about Motherhood? 

Make sure you get out of the house at least once a day, even if it’s just to the local shop to buy a pint of milk. Its amazing how small things start to seem so important when you are surrounded by four walls.

If you could give yourself advice about motherhood before becoming one, what would it be? 

I wish I could tell myself to enjoy the early days and cuddles without worrying, they go so quickly! When I see people with tiny babies sleeping on their chests I feel sad that I ever thought it was more important to get them to nap in a basket.

How do you manage your time or blogging between work and your little ones? 

This is a hard one, I never knew blogging would be so time consuming before I started and If I had of known I’m not sure I would have taken the plunge. I have the bug now though so I think you are stuck with me.

Thank you so much Katie!

If you have nothing better else to do, go and visit her blog right now.

While you’re at it, it would be nice to like her FB page too,

or you could follow her  tweets like I do over here.

Hope everyone is having a lovely first day of the New Year!

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  1. hurrahforgin

    Thanks so much for asking me to be part of this Dean – it looks great 🙂 Happy New Year to you and Little T xxx

    • You’re most welcome Katie! Happy New Year to you and your lovely family too! xxx

  2. Katie is one of my favourite reads too – I love the top tip about leaving the house everyday, it’s so true especially with two little ones, fresh air cures everything!

    • That is so true! I ought to do it more. There are days when I realise that “Oh dear, I haven’t left the house!”. Wise words indeed 🙂

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Great interview! I’ve followed her now so I can be part of the party! 😉

    • You won’t regret it! She’s funny and witty… oh and another Kate only she’s a Katie 🙂

  4. Kerrie McGiveron

    Oh I love this, how great! I love Katie’s blog, always makes me smile – one of my favourites xxx Hurrah for your blog as well – newly discovered by me will keep a check for new posts 🙂

  5. thereadingresidence

    Great post – nice to get to know more about you. I love that chicken nuggets anecdote, too! And that’s good advice about motherhood – with my first I was like that, but with my second I dragged out those snuggles days! #PoCoLo

  6. Steph Curtis

    Love that holiday pic, looks like a fab pool, where was it?! I love these comment linkys, great way to find new blogs, and memes asking questions help you understand the people behind them better too! #PoCoLo

    • I agree with you. Love doing the linkys too and yes, you get to discover great blogs 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Emma T (@ETusty)

    Disgraceful – this feature’s been going a year, and I’ve not yet come across it! Lovely to hear more about one of the bloggers I chat with on twitter. There’re so many great bloggers that it’s just impossible to keep up. #PoCoLo

    • I agree! So many bloggers out there to discover 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Leanne Rain

    Hello… from a Newbie follower :D… Great interview and there’s lots of answers I can totally relate too, being a mummy of 3… Good Post! 🙂 x #PoCoLo

    • Hi Leanne! Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I love doing chat with mums/dads … You sort of get tips from other parents, it’s also lovely to read their answers and relate to them as well. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  9. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton)

    Fab interview – I love Katie’s blog and it is great to find out a bit more about her 🙂 Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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