A Little Jaunt in the Park with Pinky the Helium Cat

The historian, my husband had a scheduled lecture in Exeter last weekend and little T and I tagged along.  While he was working, we went to the museum (I’m saving that for another post), did some shopping – she bought a pink little handbag, a plaid cap and a helium balloon shaped cat which she aptly called Pinky.  By the time we were done with our little errands, the rain stopped and the sun was out.  Little T decided that it was time to have fun with Pinky at the park.

Of course, she’s a pink cat, why on earth would little T name her Pinky?

C’mon Cotton Bottom, let’s have fun with Pinky!  Btw, Cotton Bottom is her most favourite dolly in the world. She’s bald and naked.  Little T prefers her that way.  I have no idea where Cotton Bottom’s clothes are and no, I also don’t have a single clue where she got that name from.

At first, she wasn’t so sure where she wanted to go.  She just stood there with her little helium balloon hovering above her.

Then she was off!  Doing her usual thing – running around like a little loony.

And only stopped to pick up some flowers for her Dada which she put in her very pink hand bag for safe-keeping.  Then the rain clouds came back and it was time to meet up and head home back to our sleepy-seaside village in the country.

This post is linked-up with Coombe Mill’s #CountryKids.

And #PoCoLo.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    I have never bought my children helium balloons in the park before, but clearly it’s a great idea and probably something I should do because she looks so incredibly content and happy there with her balloon and bag of treasure 🙂

    • Oh it definitely is fun – especially when it’s windy. It was like flying a kite 🙂

  2. Merlinda (@pixiedusk)

    When we went to exeter my experience is not as nice. i was turned off with the fact that you need to pay to get into their church (we dont have the budget for that) and it made our trip a bit sad. But when we went to the park everything went from sad to okay.

    I love your photos cuz they remind me of that trip.


    • Hi Merlinda! Oh I know what you mean. Still haven’t visited the church yet, like you I find it exorbitant! 🙂 But glad that experience didn’t turn you off Exeter 🙂 I love it. It’s the nearest city to us (apart from Plymouth and Truro).

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I just love her soul! So inspiring, today I shall live my life as though I have a giant helium cat balloon!

  4. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    That is one very beautiful balloon 🙂 Grace used to love these and would grip on so tight. I love Exeter and it is not far at all for us. Great photos. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    • It is a cutie, the annoying thing though is that it didn’t last! The next day it was as flat as a sheet 🙁

  5. over40andamumtoone

    That’s so lovely and very colour coordinated with her new bag too #CountryKids

  6. thereadingresidence

    Oh this is adorable. Love her running about with that balloon!

    • The balloon turned out to be a bit of a disappointment though. It didn’t last at all. The next day it was so flat – unlike the other one we got her when she was younger, it lasted for ages!

  7. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    The simple pleasures in life are so worth capturing. Some lovely photos there with the pink balloon in the wind. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t last till the next day. Thank you for sharing Pinky the helium cat on Country Kids.

    • Yes, you’d think that these helium balloons would at least last more than a couple of days considering their not exactly cheap 🙂 Oh well, at least little T indeed enjoyed it while it was still up!

  8. Lakes Mum

    bless her – easy to keep track of her with that cat! sounds a lovely child led meander

    • So true. And it’s so cute – another little girl saw her with the balloon and her mouth opened with a ‘wow’. Hahaha. Kids are so cute!

  9. The Vanilla Housewife

    It looked like you were the only ones there! I laughed when I saw Cotton Bottom because my daughter has a bald doll too but her favorite is her stinky teddy bear which she will not allow anybody to wash. 🙁

    • I forgot to mention that Cotton Bottom is filthy! She can be washed though, she’s one of those dolls that were made to go in the bath with her. The problem is – it takes ages for her to dry, especially with the unpredictable weather here in England. Hay.

      • The Vanilla Housewife

        At least your daughter will allow Cotton Bottom to take a bath with her. My little girl is after teddy’s smell! We even trick her sometimes just so we can wash teddy but she gets mad when she sees it clean! Yikes!

        • Right! Then it’s a comfort thing – the smell. Oh dear, I guess you’ll just have to wait for her to outgrow it, though I have a cousin who had a favourite pillow (you know the small ones babies have?) And she slept with it till she was in her teens!

          • The Vanilla Housewife

            Yes the baby pillows! Yeah, they find comfort in these things and I know someone who brings a mosquito net to work! LOL

          • Mosquito net?! Good lord, Hahaha. Are you kidding me?You know what, I believe you. Hahahha.

  10. Charly Dove

    Oh wow Dean what a wonderful post. Such amazing photos too, I just love it! Gorgeous. I hope Pinky enjoyed the trip out 🙂

  11. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    I love these photos, she’s clearly having such an amazing time with Pinky! Are those little DMs that she’s wearing? Very cool!

    • Thank you! Yes, they are are. She loves them. Really tough boots, had exactly the same ones when I was … rem… younger 😉

  12. MontgomeryFest

    as Little T is so very good at aptly naming her balloon, I can only imagine that Miss Cotton Bottom would be soft and pillowy! 😉 love her little plaid hat!

    • Oh dear, little Miss Cotton Bottom is nothing but soft and pillowy! Her head, arms and legs are hard (and cold, especially when its winter!) She’s really only soft(ish) in the middle 😉

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