Calling out Julian Barnes Readers

For those who love Booker-winner and multi-awarded novelist Julian Barnes, he will make a rare appearance at the Oxford Literary Festival this March 16-24 together with poets like Seamus Heaney, Adrian Mole and author, Sue Townsend.

This is our chance, as lesser-mortals to breath in the same air and be in the same room with writers we admire and hope that their greatness will rub on us.  It’s time for me to start reading Through the Window: Seventeen essays and one short story, one of the many books I received this Christmas.

We haven’t booked our tickets yet, since I’m still hesitant to attend with a toddler in-tow.  Here’s the scenario:  A room packed with people.  It is silent, everyone is holding their breath waiting for The Julian Barnes to speak and then you hear it.  It is inaudible at first, a slight whinging and then the words “I don’t like that!” enunciated very clearly pierces through the air, heads turning and a very embarrassed couple trying to make their way to the exit…

Hmm.  Not a good scene at all.

Then again, we might just go, even if it means loitering outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of him like a stalker or a crazed fan.  And if all else fails, I always love visiting Oxford and its old building, especially the air!, it’s the same with Cambridge.  There is something in the air, the atmosphere, it always makes me want to run through the streets and scream “Take me!  I’m yours”.

To know more about the Oxford Literary Festival, click here.

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