Easter Weekend

We had a good start with our Easter weekend, which started with Friday brunch with some friends at the newly opened Boscastle Farm shop.  It used to be just a farm shop that sold award-winning and organic food and local produce.  I’m not exactly sure when the restaurant opened, but it was our first time to eat there.  And they serve a lovely Cornish breakfast (Sorry I’m bad at taking pictures of food I’m about to eat. Once it’s laid out before me, all I can think of is – Food!  Eat it!  Not, food – quick where’s my camera?) and other light lunches.

So if you find yourself in Boscastle, North Cornwall, make sure you drop by because aside from the delicious food, they have beautiful sea views.   Come and visit especially if you have young children in tow, they have a playground and tables and chairs outside, perfect for summer.  They also have a children’s corner that will keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy your meal and the views.

It was a lovely morning indeed, chatting with friends, after eating a huge breakfast and drinking cups of coffee.  We had a great time, especially the kids, the only downside is that T caught a really bad cold.  And things went downhill from there: We had a nasty sleepless night with T throwing up phlegm and tossing and turning in her sleep, which made us throw our planned-Saturday-day-out the window.  We were planning to take T out for an Easter Egg hunt at a National Trust property in Devon.  The good thing about being members of the National Trust, you can just visit any of their beautiful properties without having to pay the entrance fees which can be very expensive.  So instead of having fun outdoors, my little one is noisily coughing with a snotty nose beside me – watching Finding Nemo.

So far that’s what’s happening in our Easter weekend.  We did paint some Easter eggs this morning though and if she’s better tomorrow, we might just take her out to a National Trust property that’s nearer our place.  Of course, there’s the usual Easter Lunch and when you have a little one, you have to bake a cake for every single occasion and it has to have lots of icing with sprinkles on it.

Anyway …


  1. asanempoka

    I wish we’d had a lovely place to go like that. It’s been raining non-stop for more than 4 days! We headed out to the cinema today to get out of the house and then a drive to see the rising river. No danger of flood just yet. Would’ve been much more fanciful and interesting if there’d been a cafe with great views open instead. Nice warm cups of tea and good food.

    • Oh dear, hope there won’t be any flooding! Cups of tea and good food sounds lovely too =)

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