A faux pas and other not-so-good news

Last Saturday, while doing my chores (i.e. changing sheets), I sent my husband a text message.  It was really a grocery list, since we agreed that he should stop by a supermarket on his way home from a lecture in Plymouth.  I signed my usual “love you” at the end.  He replied with “Love you too.  But who is this?”  I thought he was just teasing me and so sent him another reply “Very funny – Your hot lover”.  After sending the last text, I quickly glanced at the clock, it was past eleven and froze.  His lecture starts at eleven till two pm.  So who was replying to my text message? And that’s when the penny dropped, I realised that I was exchanging I-love-yous with goodness who! 

I quickly checked my husband’s details and noticed that there were two numbers saved on his contact details.  What happened was, the new phone for some weird reason saved a friend’s number under my husband’s contact number.  I guess it isn’t really weird, especially since that friend happens to have the same name as my husband and that friend also happens to be the dad of my daughter’s best friend F!  How embarrassing is that?!  Do you know that feeling of wanting the earth to open and swallow you up?  At that particular moment, I wanted to pack our bags and move to Antarctica under  an assumed name.  Yes, I know I’m exagerating I’m just glad though that I’m also friends with F’s mum, so  no worries there.

They all found it funny of course (especially my husband) – except me.

Has that happened to you?  Have you ever sent a mis-sent text message?  Specifically an embarrassing message (when sent to the wrong person)  like “I love you” and “from your hot lover?”  And the icing on the cake, accidentally send it to the dad of your daughter’s best friend?

Yep, now you agree with me, it’s not funny at all.


In other not-so-good news, I think our house-buying/selling is crumbling right before our very eyes.  Our buyer seems to have disappeared into oblivion.  Perhaps something embarrassing also happened to them over the weekend and they too moved to some remote-place and are now known as Mr and Mrs. Bucket (pronounced as bouquet).  Anyway, we don’t know whether they’ve changed their minds or are just being cruel and want us to sweat things out a bit.  To make matters worse, the owner of the house we are about to buy is getting impatient and wants to re-market his house.  Can’t really blame him actually, especially since we know that he has also made an offer on a house somewhere in the midlands.

Not amusing?  Certainly not!


And to top it off, I just learned that an uncle (oldest brother of my mum) who is really like a grandfather to me has been hospitalised and is now in the ICU.  I am hoping that he pulls through.  When you’re oceans away from your family, this is the kind of thing you wouldn’t want to hear at all.

Definitely not good news.

Do you have any lovely news to share?


  1. The Vanilla Housewife

    That’s good that you are still finding the funny despite the circumstances and OMG that was really funny! LOL
    I hope the house buying/selling turns up for the better!

    • Thank you Jhanis! If we don’t find things funny in this-not-so-funny world we live in, we’d all be nervous wrecks by now. I hope so too, if all else fails, I guess we will just have to re-think our plans. Hay buhay-nga-naman! 🙂

  2. naptimethoughts

    Americans like to hear the worst too, must be leftovers from the revolution.

  3. The Coffee Table Years

    House buying is a bit of a nightmare here. When we bought a flat in London many years ago, the people we were buying from kept us waiting for about 7 months, the time it took them to do some work on a house nearby. They then told us that ‘the market had moved on’ and wanted more money. Never mind that they were the ones holding up the sale. I hope you get it sorted it out. Bad news is a bit like buses – it comes all at once – but something good might be around the corner.
    I also think the text message story is funny, even if slightly mortifying!

    • That’s just it! The owner of the house we are buying wants to up the price for another 4k! That’s really fine as long as our buyers (who’ve disappeared) also pay the same amount more, considering we’ve dropped our price to accommodate them and of course, because we wanted a fast and easy sale. Sigh. The deal isn’t really off yet (or so I think and hope). We’ll have to see what happens in the coming wretched days… As for the text message, they all found it hilarious except me of course!

  4. thereadingresidence

    Oh no, tough week all round. Though I admit the text story made me laugh! Hope you find a buyer again soon and that your uncle’s health improves x

    • Thank you! I hope so too. Everyone is laughing except me! I guess I would’ve found it funny too if it happened to someone else 😉

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Holy cow Dean! First off, I’m sorry, I did giggle as I read the text story, but it’s not funny, not at all! *giggle* It might become funny in a week or more, but not just yet. *snort*

    Oh my goodness! That is insane all the way around about the house and then the missing buyers! I’m so sorry, it’s hard enough to buy a house when everything goes smoothly, I can’t imagine the stress you are under right now!

    I am very sorry to hear about your uncle. I’ll add you guys to my prayers and send good energy your way!

  6. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Argh! What a rubbish week – although I’m sorry, but the text story did make me smile… I would be mortified too though! So sorry to hear about your uncle, sending love x

  7. Kanchan @ The Intrepid Misadventurer

    I laughed hard at the “I love you’s”! I hope it’s only made you’ll closer with the chuckling over it! 🙂 I enjoyed going through your blog and am glad #whatsthestory brought me here. Thanks also for your comment on my photo-essay, Rayna was in fact named that because I wanted a Spanish name for her…it’s also Hebrew! 😉 Good to be connected. xxx

    • Yes, I’m just glad that we have become (because of our children), really good friends. We can laugh about it now, but I was really mortified when it happened! Thanks for dropping by too! 😉 x

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