Getting ready for Christmas

The first time our little one met Father Christmas (Santa Claus) last year.  She burst into tears and err… did something in her nappy.  Yes, she looks a little bit bewildered in the photo and wearing her “I’m not sure I like this man” expression.

So to avoid another little scene, we decided to reintroduce her to Father Christmas early this November.  We bought her Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas, The Snowman and The Bear.  She absolutely loves them especially Father Christmas and the Snowman.  She actually watches them three or four times in a day!

Do you ever wonder what Father Christmas does when his Christmas duties are over?  In this charming story, you will meet a-little-bit grumpy version of Father Christmas and will see all the little chores he does after Christmas – not only that, he actually goes on vacation!  If your little one hasn’t seen this yet, buy a copy and they will get hooked.  The video isn’t that long, but this will give you a little bit of free time in your hands if you plonk your kids in front of the television (yes, bad I know.  But hey, it’s all about Father Christmas!) and if you’re lucky, your child will also want to watch it more than once, giving you more freedom!  Whoppie!

The Snowman is probably my daughter’s favourite among the three.  This she watches three times, one after the other.  This doesn’t have any dialogue – just music and images.  It’s a classic story of a little boy who makes a snowman and the snowman comes to life … for one night at least.  In the morning, the snowman is gown, melted away.  If you’re not familiar with Father Christmas, you might find it a sad story.  But if you buy all three movies, especially Father Christmas, you’ll know that every year, as long as James (the little boy) makes a snowman, there will always be a snowman (or did I make that one up? haha).

As for The Bear, my little one finds it a bit “scar” for a little two year old.  It’s a heartwarming story about how a little bear is “stolen” from her family and winds up in a London zoo.  If you want to watch more, watch the movie!  Better yet, watch all three.  It’s worth having and keeping for your children.  A word of warning though, don’t expect Disney or Pixar type of animation, especially since it was made sometime in the 80s.  All three movies look like a story-book-come-to-life with moving images.  I find that the lack of effects even makes the movie more charming, more sincere, more “true”.  It’s charm I guess lies in its simplicity.  If you order them at Amazon, you can buy all three for £15+.  A definite must-buy for all little ones, especially if you want to slowly introduce Father Christmas to them to avoid out bursts or “little accidents’ like we had.


    • I know! Isn’t that the weirdest? Hahaha. Mommy Inge? I’ve always just been Ate Inge for the longest time!

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