Gone Bonkers – A Dialogue

We were watching the news before bath time a few nights ago when I noticed T looking tired and sleepy.

Me:  Are you sad, sweetie?

(She uses the word sad when she’s tired or declares that she’s sad when she wants attention).

T:  No (said in her sing-song voice).

Me:  Are you depressed?  (This was me trying to be funny).

Husband rolls his eyes and says,

Would you like Mommy to read Sylvia Plath to you?

T:  Oh alright.

Husband:  But remember, we have an electric oven – so don’t get any ideas, your face will only get grilled on one side.

I often wonder if our two-year old can really follow the “grown-ups” conversation?

I bet she does!


  1. Oh Lord! If she can follow your conversations, you are subliminally suggesting things already. Lol

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