Let me take you shopping with me in IKEA

But first, let’s watch this video and see if we can do it too:

Don’t you just love it?  I do.  Now if only my hands would just really agree with me, all will be well.

I love IKEA.  Who doesn’t?  Their products are affordable and offer you a whole range of different items for every single room in your house.  Not only that, they have absolutely amazing storage solutions.  Yes, I’m a big fan and I’m not embarrassed to say that most of our stuff comes from IKEA.  In fact, I could spend a whole day just browsing and I’d be a happy bunny.  Wait, maybe not just browsing, a little bit of shopping would be really nice.

Now for the fun part, let’s do some shopping!  Here are a few items I fell in love with while browsing through their online shop last night and yes, they are ALL for the little one.

We got Tamsin her own little kitchen from ELC last Christmas.  It has an oven, a little sink, an island and on the other side, a dishwasher.  But she hardly uses the dishwasher, because we’ve pushed it up against the wall in our small kitchen.  So when I’m cooking or doing the dishes, she goes to her little kitchen, does her own thing and instead of saying – just like you Mommy, she excitedly says – just like me Mommy!  It came with a few little pans and other stuff and this breakfast set will be make a lovely addition to her kitchen.  And of course, since it’s IKEA, it only costs £7.  I love you IKEA.  I also plan to get her this:

She got a free little screwdriver from one of her Cbeebies magazine which she loves. Every time she sees her Dada with his screwdriver about to fix something,  she quickly gets her own and yes, exclaims “Just like me Dada, I have my own!”  There is also one that comes with its very own toolbox, but it doesn’t come with a hammer etc.  I have a box she can use as her tool-box.  My daughter will absolutely love the idea of owning her own hammer and other stuff.  And guess what, it’s the same price as the breakfast set!

Now if only Tamsin’s room was big enough for this:

I would absolutely love it if she could have it too.  But I’ve seen it up close the last time we visited the store and sadly, it is too big for her room.  She has a fold-up tent and tunnel which we put up when she wants to use it, but it’s getting a bit too small for her.  This would be perfect for her size now, especially since it’s affordable at £17.  There just isn’t enough space left what with the doll’s house she got from her grandparents, a castle from my sister and of course, the biggest furniture in her room is Dobbin – her old Victorian rocking horse.

To see what IKEA has in store for you, click here.  Do share if you see anything you would love to buy for your own little one too.


  1. The actual store is a maze. You start from point one and end where the cash registers are. It’s a “one-way” ticket. Lol… We love Ikea, too.

    • Yes, that’s true. My in-laws actually don’t like IKEA for that reason too. As for me, I love the store! Hahaha.

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