Mad about Bleach (A Harpic Review)

I never really thought about how difficult it would be to have a young pup join your family.  Admittedly, in the past, especially when I was young, there was always someone else to do the cleaning-up-after-the-pup for me.  Sadly, apart from the husband, there is no one else to do the dirty-job except yours truly.

Wouldn’t it be great though if pups were born toilet and house-trained already?

I’ve read somewhere when potty-training your little pup, it’s important for them to have a ‘safe-place’ where they can stay without you worrying that they’ll leave a mess for you to clean-up later on, especially when you’re busy and don’t have the time to keep an eye on them.  You know make sure they don’t chew on your daughter’s toys, husband’s slippers, wee or worse pooh on the carpet.

We don’t have a big house, so our designated safe-place for him was in the kitchen.  We used little T’s old stair-gate to corral him in.  The good news is, it actually works!  The bad news is our kitchen, or part of our kitchen has been turned into a tip, muddy paws, dog wee on newspapers, bits of chewed paper, name anything filthy and Doc probably has it.

Doc’s safe-place with his most favourite things in the world.  Little T’s old leather shoes, a bone and bits of newspapers.

But I’ve found a secret weapon, or probably the next-important thing in the world to me right now, without it, I’ll probably break into cold-sweat and start hyperventilating.  What – you may wonder?  It’s called BLEACH and right now, I’m mad about Harpic bleach, without it our lovely-white kitchen will smell and look like a dump.

Exhibit A:  Doc’s Lair

See that ratty-smelly-looking towel?  That’s what I could only guess is his comfort-blanket.  He loves to chew on it and play with it.  We wash it daily and as soon as we give it to him, he manages to soil it right-away.  It might actually be his way of telling us “What?!  You’ve washed my blankie again?!  How many times do I have to bark at you not to do that?  It loses the lovely-stinky smell!  Humans are so slow!”  Woof, woof, woof!

That lair also has to be cleaned at least twice a day, change the newspapers, sweep away the day’s debri of mostly chewed newspaper, wipe away the wee.  He hasn’t really poohed on the newspaper anymore.  I’m proud to say, we think he’s getting there.  He only poohs in the garden for emergencies and the husband says, he’s been poohing out on their walks.  But his lair still needs to be addressed.

How to Clean a Doc’s Lair:

1.  Fold-away stair-gate.

2.  Put away his bed, bowls, comfort-blankie and favourite toys.

3.  Fold all soiled-newspapers and put in a plastic bag to be recycled later.

4.  Sweep floor of chewed paper and try to avoid wet parts.

5.  Boil water.

6.  Pour bowling water in a bucket, just enough to clean a small area.

7.  Pour a few drops of Harpic White & Shine bleach and mix with mop.

8.  Mop whole area.  I usually mop the place twice.

9.  Rinse mop and bucket.

10.  Mop the area again with the remaining hot water.

11.  Dry floor with a clean and dry rag.


I did this yesterday, while my husband and daughter took little Doc out for a walk.  It was a slow process what with my injured foot, but so worth the pain.

What do you mean I only cleaned up the newspaper?  I MOPPED THE FLOOR PEOPLE!  I SWEAR I DID.  I blame the bad lighting, my not-so-poweful camera, the bad weather outside…  Seriously though, I can’t wait to use the bleach on our bathroom especially since we have a white-suite.  I love the smell of bleach – to me it smells really clean and germ-free!  Who knows, I might actually do a post about bathroom cleaning tips?  But I’m afraid that will have to wait till my foot is completely healed.

Harpic bleach has a strong and powerful cleaning products range.  I love their newest product, White & Shine Bleach, which I used to clean Doc’s lair and it has a nice Eucalyptus and Mint scent.  And if you have problems with limescale, (which we don’t down here in Cornwall, but I’m hoping it will remove the black mould around the bath though) and need a limescale remover, do try out their other products.

This is a sponsored post.

NOTE:  In case you are worried that Doc spends most of his time in his ‘safe-space’, don’t be.  He gets loads of walks and is allowed to join us in the living room when we can keep an eye on him.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!:)

Hope you guys are having a lovely one!

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I’m a big fan of bleach, I mix it with water in a spray bottle and go through the house and clean and disinfect every knob, handle and pull that we have!

    • Would love to do that too… But I’m a bit paranoid of leaving residue in case little T somehow absorbs it. I know, I’m too paranoid! ;p

      • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

        Lmbo! Mr. T developed community MRSA a few years ago (which is not the bad and super contagious hospital version) so I’ve become even more of a germophobe than ever! We’ve never had any side effects, but I use a weak solution, just enough to kill germs and not enough to bother us. But, my T is older and your T is still little and more sensitive! So, I can’t blame you!

        • Hmm, maybe when she’s older then or I could use a weaker solution too? Harpic is really strong 🙂

  2. I don’t often read sponsored posts but I love your approach to reviews! And the pup 🙂 #pocolo

  3. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton)

    I’m a big fan of bleach too – except when I get it on my clothes! It always makes everything smell as well as look clean 🙂 Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    • Same here and it ruins your clothes! 🙂 It’s a pleasure and look forward to linking up again.

  4. Life in the Wylde West

    You just keep bringing me back to our potty training Max days and I do remember how smelly, gross and crazy it was. All that is of the past and one day Doc will be the best behaved dude ever. I love bleach too, maybe too much. It just gets things so super clean. How do you make it snow on your page….I like that.

    • Then there’s hope for Doc then:) As for the snow, I just discovered it! I think it depends on the WordPress theme you’re using. Go to Dashboard and then settings. Click on General. Then scroll down and after “language”, you might find a “snow”. Then just check “snow falling on my blog until January 4th 🙂

      • Life in the Wylde West

        thanks, found it. I also just figured out how to put myself in the right time zone. I had never visited the settings page!!! So much to learn.

        • No worries! I’m the same. I’m like a kid sometimes, I like fiddling with the layout-design of my blog. It’s fun! 🙂

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