Share-a-Find: DIY Play Dough Recipe

As a mother of a young child, I am constantly thinking of ways to entertain my little two-year-old.  I think T spends so much time in front of the TV – especially when I have a deadline to beat.  And parents who work from home will be familiar with that gnawing guilt that eats you up as you furiously type/work away as fast as you can, just so your young child won’t have to spend that much time in front of the TV, because all “good” and “responsible” parents don’t allow their child to spend too much time in front of the television.

Yes, we are all aware of how television deadens the mind and stunts our child’s intelligence etc.  And I do try to be a “good” and “responsible” mother by trying to come up with ways to entertain my daughter, especially when the days are too cold to go for a walk or have a run at the playground and also for the no-playgroup days.  Like a lot of parents out there, I found the answer with play-dough – that colourful blob that can hold your child’s attention for at least a couple of hours.

Don’t you just hate it though when your child’s play dough is reduced to little bits as hard as a brick?  That’s what happened to T’s play dough.  Instead of buying, I decided to try to make my own and thanks to google I came across this play dough recipe that is as my daughter would say easypeasy lemon squeezy to make.

You will need:

1 cup of plain flour

1 cup of water

1/4 cup table salt

1 tbsp cooking oil

2 tsps cream of tartar

food colouring (about 6-8 drops)

What to do:

1.  Mix everything in a saucepan.  When I bake or the husband bakes, T always volunteers to help.  She has to do the mixing etc.  If your child is like her, they will enjoy “helping” you out with this.  T mixed everything together.  Make sure though that you remind your child that this isn’t food and that you are making play dough especially if your child is like mine who loves scrapings – when I wasn’t looking, she actually tried to lick the spoon!

2. Once everything has been mixed together and your child has stepped down.  Turn on to medium heat and keep stirring till the liquid mixture becomes sticky and then becomes solid.  Don’t leave it alone because this cooks really fast.

3. Once it resembles the consistency of play dough, remove from the heat and let it cool.

4.  After it has cooled down, roll it into one big blob and announce that it’s PLAYTIME!

NOTE:  As you can see from the pictures below, the recipe made a huge blob of pink – it was just too much.  I suggest you only use half of the recipe.  Since it was a huge blob of pink, T and I decided to play with it and make the other colours the next day.  As you can see, she loved it!

After awhile, she decided that the best thing to do with a blob of pink play-dough was to flatten it, get her small characters (Noddy and Big Ears) and make footprints all over the table.

Do check out the blog One Perfect Day where I got this excellent recipe from.  I haven’t really explored it that much, but I bet you will find other cool activities you can do with your little one.  She (the blogger) looks like one of those super-moms who can do absolutely everything with their kids.  When I grow up, I want to be her.  Oh wait, it’s too late for that now… Oh well.

Anyway, I’ve found another activity which was also a big hit with T.  But I’ll share it with you some other day and if you know of other activities you can do with an over-eager-over-energetic little two-year-old, do share them with me please.

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