Share-a-movie: Joyeux Noel

My husband and I love to watch movies.  Before T, we used to go to the cinema often.  But with our little darling, yes, you probably can guess the answer to that.  I can’t even remember the last film we’ve seen.  Oh but we do have date nights, yes we do!  However, date nights happen in our living room.  Thank goodness we have a comfy couch and a large screen.  Thanks to Lovefilm we are sort-of up to date with the latest films.

Last saturday we watched “Joyeux Noel”.  I know Christmas is long gone and it isn’t exactly a new movie, but I absolutely have to share this with you – that is, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Picture source: IMDB

It’s a lovely “feel-good” French/German movie set during the First World I.  If you’ve been disillusioned with the world and people in general, this very touching movie might just set you back on the right track again.

It’s about how three Liutenants (French, German and British) managed to agree on a truce that started on Christmas eve and lasted till Christmas day.  There was singing, a mass held and football games the next day.  What’s really moving about this film is that it was actually based on real events.  It really happened!  And not just in one camp, according to my husband who happens to be a historian, it happened in different camps too.  Although of course, at the end, they all had to suffer for the consequences of their actions.  But our in-house historian said, the “punishment” wasn’t as severe as it would’ve been.

With what’s going on in Syria today and other parts of the world, this makes us want to believe that “goodness” is still possible.

If you’ve seen this movie, do tell me what  you think.


  1. Norina Terry

    I have seen it more than a couple of times already because Alex mentioned it the year before. They watched it in his AP World History class. Paul knew about the movie – being a WWI and WWII buff – and found it on Netflix. It is heartwarming and gives you hope that people, even when at war, can find in themselves a sense of decency and humanity.

    • Spot on! We only watched it last Saturday. It was on our Lovefilm list for the longest time. The downside with just “renting” is that if a film is good, it usually takes ages before it arrives on your doorstep. That means we’ll probably end up watching the movie version of Les Mis in 2014. Hahaha.

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