What have you been doing in this Lovely Sunshine …


especially for those  of you who like us live in a place where it could be a bit of a rarity like old Blighty?  Not anymore, folks! The beautiful sunshine seems here to stay for err… a bit.  See for yourself:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 09.57.39

Apparently it was so hot in the center court in Wimbledon (where Andy Murray made history and won the much coveted cup yesterday.  Well done!) – the thermometer there read 40 degrees!

Here in our little village, we were out and enjoying ourselves in the annual Boscastle Duck race.  Would love to write more about the event, but I’ll have to pass for now because we’ve been summoned to the beach!  We are bringing the BBQ and Pimms.  See you there!


    • Pimms is a lovely summer drink with lots of strawberries, a slice of lemon, mint, cucumber, lemonade. I guess you could say that Pimms is like a liqueur. I swear I like it because of the fruits and nothing to do with the bit of alcohol in it! =p

      • Pimms always reminds me of Henley Regatta or the one and only time I went to Ascot to watch the horses 🙂

        I hope the sun is out on Friday. I will be in the UK watching my daughters passing out parade 🙂 Bags packed, camera charged Mrs Sensible notified.

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