Winter Chill, Sticks & Stones & Red Cons

Winter was desperately clinging on last week.  Everywhere in England was cold, even in Cornwall.  A chilly wind was blowing from the Atlantic as we packed our car and headed up to Bedforsdshire where my in-laws live.  We left mid-afternoon and by the time we reached Wiltshire where the world famous pre-historic monument Stonehenge is located, we were stuck in a slow-moving traffic.  It wasn’t just because of the mysterious stones (there is always a never-ending flow of tourists in the area which results to slow-moving traffic), but also because it was a sunday and people who have spent the break in Cornwall were also heading back to London.

Arrived in Woburn Sands at 8pm to a lovely light dinner of sandwiches and little cakes.

To cut the story short, I’ve decided that it was just too cold for me to do London Calling.  Lovely readers, You must understand I’m from a country where the normal temperature is usually around 30C and in the summer it can even go as high as 35C.  So yes, the cold and I, we don’t mix well and yes, I’m still asking the same question as you are – Why the H are you living in England then?

Anyway, instead we spent a lovely relaxed time with family, friends and enjoying the convenient amenities city living has to offer – shopping in MALLS!

I come from a country of malls.  We seem to love them so much you can find a mall almost in every corner in the city and according to wikipedia, we have about seven of the largest malls in the world.  Yes, it’s crazy.

We went to the mall in Milton Keynes to look for red converse shoes for T.  The first shop had them in pink and I wanted them in red (I used to have red converse too when I was a little girl and wore converse till I was probably in my early twenties).  The shop assistant said that we could order them and come back for it.  We explained that we’re just visiting from Cornwall and he said, that we could pick it up in a branch where we live.  My husband laughed and explained that the only shops we have in our little village by the sea are tourists shops and he said “So it’s just sticks and stones then?  My husband proudly answered, yes!

After going from one shop to another, we finally found the much coveted red cons in a Shuch shop,  by that time I was completely exhausted!  To think that we have bigger malls back home, I’m just not used to them anymore.

There she goes, my little shopper, proud of her purchase.

I love my daughter’s red converse.

Her cousin Mush back home has the same red cons, makes it even more special.


  1. Sallie C

    Your writing is so beautiful – I really have enjoyed reading through your blog. PS your daughters coat is absolutely adorable!!

  2. Norina S. Terry

    I was just talking about “sticks and stones” with my students before reading Othello with them. It was an anticipation statement.

    • She actually really wanted the pink ones, but naughty mommy got her way. Hahaha. Once she outgrows this, and if she still wants pink, she’ll get pink then. Hehehe.

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