My Choice: ELC’s Mini Artist My First Chalks

When I saw these stubby crayons on ELC’s website I thought they would be great for my daughter who was then about seventeen months old.  It seemed okay at the beginning and Tamsin seemed to love them.  I don’t, well at least, not anymore.  Here are three reasons why:

  1.  These crayons are stubby, designed for our toddlers’ hands for easy grip – which I understand.  However, it’s not good when it is thrown on your coffee table with a glass top or on your TV.
  2. They can hardly colour anything!  Unless, you apply real pressure which our toddlers don’t really have.  So Tamsin tries to colour her magazines, but no matter how hard she presses, there’s hardly any colour there, especially if you’ve had them for some time now.
  3. And lastly, it really hurts if it falls on your foot =(

Would I buy them again?  Honestly, no, especially with a price tag of £6, you’d expect them to be able to colour.  There are a number of crayons you can buy for a lesser price and yes, I know there is an age guideline.  But if you supervise, I don’t see any reason why younger toddlers shouldn’t have them.

So I should edit my words and say “not my choice” – however, you won’t know unless you try it.  So if you’re interest to have a go, click here.

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