My Little Reader: On a Dark Dark Night

Our 22-month old daughter loves books.  She loves looking at the pictures, pointing at them and asking “what’s this?”, even though she knows what it is since she’s looked at them a lot.  She also has a number of favourite books, some of them she can ‘read’ along with her Dada, only because she knows the words by heart and one of them is this charming book called On a Dark Dark Night by Simon Prescott.

My daughter loves this book even though there’s really nothing special about the illustration, no bright colours and beautiful drawings although I guess she loves the repetition of words On a dark, dark night, there was a dark, dark path... and it’s a short story, perfect for little toddlers.

If your toddler loves books the way my daughter does, try this lovely book by Simon Prescott, order it online at and they’ll deliver it to you for free no matter where you live!  Isn’t that great?  Click here to order.

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