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I first stumbled upon the Story of Mum website when I started following Pippa (the lovely woman behind the site), on Twitter.  I was instantly hooked. I absolutely love the whole idea/concept of Story of Mum. To me, it felt like coming home. A website where all mothers can come together, share stories, link and hold hands (virtually), helping each other be creative as well as encouraging one another to discover or re-connect with our old “imaginative” selves.  Yes, that side of us that’s been long neglected ever since we started our journeys as mothers. For me, Story of Mum is what motherhood is all about. Through it, we as mothers get to mother not only our children, but other mothers as well. I think everyone, regardless of age, still needs mothering.  You know that gentle prodding, coaxing type, when we become unsure of something – especially when it comes to our creative sides – that sort of thing.

I’ve always wanted to become a mother, more than a wife, really.  Now that I’m a mother, I’m realising how difficult it actually is. It’s not enough that you love your child so much, we think, as in every relationship is that, LOVE is what only matters. It could be true in the perfect world, but sadly, in reality, it isn’t like that at all. I’m finding out that as much as LOVE is important, stability, constancy and all the other “grown-up” virtues like consistency are important too.  And sometimes, we mothers feel alone in spite of having supportive husbands/partner and family, that’s why it’s important to reach out to other mothers.  So when Pippa asked me if I wanted to take part in the virtual exhibition tour post, I jumped at the chance to be included.  If you’re a mother and interested to join in, please click here.


Over at the Story of Mum, you will find hundreds of photos of mothers holding up signs that finishes the sentence “I’m a mum and _____ “.  If you’re not camera-shy like me, you can take a photo of yourself and hold up a sign that finishes the sentence and then  upload it on their website.

I don’t know who this woman is, but it could easily be me holding up that sign and my daughter holding on tight to me.  I know how that mother feels, that’s exactly what I feel.  Everyday I’m always trying my best in everything I do as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a writer, and a woman trying to find some other meaning in her life… more than just all the roles I’ve mentioned.


Mama Mash up is a collage made by YOU which captures the different aspects of YOU, more than just being a mother.

  • While I have over fifteen years of experience working in the media back home, currently I’m starting-over and doing some freelance writing, which isn’t easy.  So in my 40s, I’ve just suddenly realised that I am a struggling writer again.
  • My daughter has a best-friend, a lovely boy her age, I’d like to claim though that I’m my daughter’s favourite playmate, although I have a feeling that it’s actually her Dad not me.
  • I’ve always been a homebody, even when I was single.  I used to love just staying at home in my apartment – solo.  Friends used to come over and literally drag me for a night-out.  Now that I’m married, I’m lucky to be with a husband who is the same.  We’re both happy in our small cottage filled with books and our movie-nights-in.  At a very young age,  T is also showing signs of being a homebody too.  But of course, I’m sure that will change.
  • This is another claim I’d like to make have – I happen to be a great cook and bake delicious cakes.  I’m very proud of this.  My family back home of course, don’t believe me.  The Dean they know does not cook nor bake.  Admittedly, I grew up in a household where there was always someone who did all the delicious cooking and when I moved to my own place, I was too busy to cook for myself and always ended up eating in the cafeteria in our office, eating out in fast foods, or ordering a take-away.  Yes, I was eating loads of unhealthy food. Now that I’m married and a mother, I find so much joy in cooking.  In fact, we’d rather eat in that eat out!  Plus, the fact that I have the best helper in the world!  T loves cooking/baking with her Mommy.

That’s the end of my Virtual Exhibition post, folks!  Thank you so much Pippa for the opportunity and for the wonderful website that is the Story of Mum.


  1. Thank you so much for your exhibition and kind words about story of mum, Dean – I’m so glad you’ve found us! I can certainly relate to that shift from being experienced in work to starting-over again after mothering – I found it hard to get my confidence back for a while, and connecting with other mums, and slowly starting to push my comfort zone walls a little bit further away each day. And oh yes indeed to consistency – and warning my kids of what is going to happen in ten minutes time ALL DAY so they don’t freak out when it does…

    • Oh it has been my pleasure Pippa! Absolutely enjoyed doing the post and will participate more! I’ve been meaning to do my “Do Not Disturb Sign” just been busy outdoors! You know how it is, when the sun is out, gotta have some fun with your little one =) I bet your kids are enjoying so much fun in the sun down in Penzance! Dean x.

  2. motherhoodisanart

    I loved this post and finding out more about you! I will definitely go check out Pippa’s site! Thank you! I also am a homebody and love cooking at home vs. going out….except the dishes and the mess part. Sometimes I do enjoy going to a restaurant just so I don’t have the whole kitchen to clean up once in awhile!

    • Yes, do check out the Story of Mum website, it’s made especially for mothers like us! =) As for the mess, whoever is in charge of the cooking will clean up the mess the other has left behind. Good thing I’m always the one in-charge!

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