What does your home-office look like?

This is mine, our couch in our living room.  I sit there with my mac on my lap and typing away like a mad woman while T watches her DVDS.  Yes, I know, she watches way too much television.  But when I’m busy with a deadline, there’s really nothing much I can do about it.

Most mornings, I work in our kitchen too.  Sometimes T plays with her play-dough, paints or draws beside me and when the weather is good enough, I also work in the garden while she plays in her sandpit, tent, or bouncy thing.  That’s my life as a mom.  It’s better this way actually – I’m able to take my work with me wherever I am in the house, than just sitting on a desk.  Sometimes, I do wonder if I’ll be more productive and creative if I stay put on a desk. But that’s just not possible for me right now, not with a two-year-old, almost three-year-old demanding little girl like mine.  I’ll consider a desk, once she begins school.

For now I can dream of having a lovely home-office like the following:

All photos taken from Housetohome.


    • Hi – thanks for dropping by Little Steps…. I know, I love them all… *double sighs*.

  1. judithkingston

    I feel your pain. Although your sofa looks comfier than mine! Working from home with an almost three year old (and a baby) is almost impossible – they never sleep when you need them to, certainly not at the same time, and are no respecters of deadlines.

    • Thanks for dropping by. Wow, I salute you! Can’t imagine how hard it must be to have an almost three-year-old and baby! I struggle with mine, though I would love to have another little one. It’s not that easy, time is ticking for me. You’ll never know, right? All the best, D.

      • judithkingston

        Here’s hoping! Little babies are worth all the effort. That smile in the morning makes all resentment melt away. I do get help from my mother in law, who plays with them while I hide in her study to meet deadlines.

        • I agree totally agree with you. You are lucky you have a mother-in-law whom you can count on – mine lives too far away!

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