A New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter!

I only have one new year’s resolutions this year worth mentioning, admittedly I do have a few, but I don’t plan to even write them down.  They will remain in my head, but to me the most important one is to declutter.

My one dream is to live in a minimalist house and have a minimalist lifestyle. But I know that won’t happen. Why?  My husband and I are both sentimental creatures, him more than me actually.  We keep things that have sentimental value even though they really ought to be thrown away.  And we have too many books, we buy too many books, we love books too much to stop buying them.  And that’s precisely the reason why I’ve long accepted that we won’t ever have a minimalist household.

I also have to go through all of our books.  We somehow manage to duplicate our books.  I have two books of Letters of Ted Hughes.  One was given to me by my lovely in-laws.  Any takers?  My husband and I used to dream of owning our own bookshop.  It’s a lovely dream which won’t happen unless I win the lottery.

My desk as always is a mess.  But I’ll do my best to declutter and get rid of unnecessary things like Folio Society book  catalogues I’ve already looked through numerous times.  I don’t know why I even bother to keep them when their website is already bookmarked in all the gadgets I use.

T’s toys are also on the list.  She has too many toys she doesn’t even play with anymore.  Before her birthday, I did manage to either throw or give some of her toys away.  Toys she’s outgrown and since Christmas has just happened, it means more toys.

And lastly, clothes.  I’m going to go through all our clothes and get rid of or donate clothes which don’t fit us anymore.  Who am I kidding?  I’m never going to be a size 6 again, so why keep them?

This holding on to too many material things is actually weighing heavily on me now.  I can feel the physical heaviness on me as if I’m literally carrying all these clutter in my arms.  Isn’t that a bit strange?  Maybe because this whole decluttering business has been on my mind for several months now and I really just need to do something about it.

What about you?

Do you also have the need to declutter?


  1. I’m a big fan of this!! First off, you can live a minimal lifestyle and still have all of your books! You don’t have to let go of every book! Although, I do suggest letting go of duplicates!
    Every year, 2x a year, when Mr. T was little, we would go through his toys and clothes and remove anything that he no longer played with or fit, and he would take them to the donation center with me, so that he could see his items going to a spot where they could find a happy home! He still is able to fill a donation bag without any issues!
    As for sentimental items, I just did a bit 460 item purge (The Minimalist game – love their podcast!) and I included all of the football cards that my brother Lee and I collected when he was little. We had so much fun going to the card shop around the corner, or to sports card expos and digging around finding just the right card. After he passed away, the collection came to me and I’ve held onto it… but this weekend I let them go. I will always have the memories of those times together, and those memories aren’t tied to the physical items, those memories live inside me. And it hurt my heart a little, but as I walked away, it felt good. It felt right.
    So, all of this to say – good luck. I’m right there with you! I just finished a purge and am already looking to release more items so I can live a more minimal life, too!

    • Oh yes, I remember reading your posts and loving them! It must have been difficult to let go of those football cards, well done to you! I have this box filled with our wedding paraphernalia like name cards and all that crap. I really ought to bin them. I’m really looking forward to doing this. I’ve delayed it too long already 🙂

  2. Sonia Cave

    Oh yes I love a declutter. Twice a year a whizz through the house like a whirlwind leaving everyone hanging onto their possessions for dear life!! I am a book hoarder too and one day dream I’d open a cafe with them on shelves and people would sit and enjoy a read
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  3. Fashion and Style Police

    I am definitely going to declutter a lot this year than I did last year. Have all sorts to get rid of.

  4. Newcastle Family Life

    I really want to de-clutter this year too, I have so much stuff we just don’t need anymore. The children have way to many toys and clothes that I need to sort and I also have a lot of books I don’t want to get rid of too x
    Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Crater Craft A New Game – ReviewMy Profile

    • Definitely don’t get get rid of the books! Buy more bookshelves, that’s what we do 😉

  5. scots2travel

    I totally know the feeling. We’ve just moved house, I gave bags of stuff to charity, yet still need to declutter. How is that even possible!? Good luck.

  6. Another vote for listening to the Minimalists podcast – it has really helped me change my mindset and see things as things, not memories or some intrinsic worth.

    I’ve been trying to take small steps – I’ve written a couple of these on my blog this week x

    • I know. But I always have to do it when she’s in school otherwise I’d hear a lot of…. “But I still play with that!”

  7. Baby Isabella

    We’ll never have a minimalist household either! My folks like to hoard and collect things, especially souvenirs and pictures. We’d love to declutter our house!

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