An Up-date on decluttering: I did a Toy Story 3!

Last week I finally started to go through T’s toys in her room,  I actually went through them one by one.  If you have a child in primary school you’d understand how tedious this is.  Why do kids love small itty bitty toys?  I also wanted to make sure that I didn’t throw away her favourites.  I did bin a lot of heads, limbs, arms (probably from her old monster high dolls), lots of plastic crap from Happy Meal toys.  It’s amazing how much rubbish our kids accumulate over the years.

Let’s just say by the time I was going through the big box in the conservatory where she keeps some of her toys,  I wasn’t as keen to go through them as thoroughly as I did hours ago.  By this time, I tipped the remaining rubbish (or so I thought) in the bin bag.

Later on though, my husband told me that he managed to fish out a small Woody and Jessie, and Ham (from Toy Story).  Back story:  my husband and T absolutely love all Toy Story movies.  They used to watch it back to back together.  T has all the toys from that movie in all sizes.  She has a big Woody and Jessie safely sitting on one of her shelves in her room.

My initial reaction when my husband told me that he fished out some toys was “Oh you just want to keep them for sentimental reasons!” but then I realised. OMG (as my seven-year-old) would say, I just did a toy story!   He replied, don’t worry.  I’ve rescued them.  If you’re a Toy Story fan or your kids love them too, you’ll be familiar with the dumpster scene from Toy Story 3:


Darn it.  Too much watching children’s movies!  I really need to watch more grown-up movies, preferably without toys talking and having adventure after another.

Do you throw out old toys too?


I still have more de-cluttering to do.  I’m going through all my crap things little by little.  I’m sure I’ll get there eventually 😉

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  1. You’ve made a great start here! Side note, I do love Toy Story 3, it’s my favourte one!

    • I think the Toy Story movies are the only ones that can bring tears to my husband’s eyes 🙂

  2. Haha this made me laugh “did a toy story!”. I am so bad at decluttering and getting rid of things – I always hold on to things I don’t need because I think I might need them one day (but secretly know I never will!). Great start!!

    • I used to be like that too and admittedly I’m still struggling. I always think “better not throw that away, I might find some use for it!” and of course, never do 😉

    • Same with T. I mostly only throw away broken toys and plastic crap usually from a Happy Meal 🙂

    • We do that too, donate it to our local play-school or to friends who have younger kids. But my husband tends to keep a few of T’s toys for sentimental reasons.

  3. Nazrin Miah

    Absolutely adore Toy Story. They’re films I have actually grown up watching and have loved more and more growing up. I had the bed sheets I had the toys I had all the trinkets! I even had the first one video cassette!

    • It’s definitely one of those must-love children’s cartoons. I can’t imagine anyone not loving the Toy Story movies 🙂


    haha oh no! Toy Story 3 is the reason I still have a few of my favourite toys in a cupboard at home. Too sad to give them up. I always struggle to declutter my daughters bedroom too, but always try and do it when I’m not feeling emotional so I can get it done. x
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  5. Fashion and Style Police

    I love Toy Story movies. I should get my kids to watch a few.

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