Autumn Faves: These Boots were made for YOU!

My all time favourite pair of boots is one that I’ve worn since I was in my late teens.  Yes, it’s that old. Yes, it’s that durable and yes, I still have it with me.  It’s a pair of Dr. Martens boots in cherry red.  Back when all their shoes were still made in England and not China.  Back when you didn’t have to pay extra if you wanted a pair that was made in England.  Please don’t ask how long ago that was … because I won’t tell you 😉

I have many memories linked with those boots.  I guess that’s also one of the reasons why little T’s first ever pair of Dr. Martens were also cherry red like mine.  It doesn’t fit her anymore.  But we’ve kept it for sentimental reasons.

Anyway, I’ve had so much fun doing my fave chunky knits post, that I’ve decided to do another (gasp) “fashion” post, but this time it’s all about my favourite pick of boots which I’ve found online.  Here are my faves:

1. Clarks 2. H&M 3. Next 4. Camper

If only they weren’t so expensive, I’d order all of them.  Admittedly, I do have a lot of boots already, I don’t think I’d be able to justify a new buy even to myself.  Then again, I saw this mug online with the words “It’s always shoe o’clock.  Hmmm, perhaps I should buy that mug instead?

And if you’ve read the previous post, I know what you’re thinking, why am I doing another post for someone who claims to not like “fashion”?  I think the difference is that, I do like clothes and my choices are always more on comfort than style than the latest trend.  I wouldn’t even know what the latest trends are if you asked me 🙂

What about you?

Do you like boots too?

Do you go for comfort or style?

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  1. Ah there’s a reason Doc Martins are worth shelling out for – I’m going to wait till my daughter stops growing to get her some. Love your other choices too

    • Me too. I also struggle to find the right pair, but I’ve been wanting brown knee high boots for some time now. Have a black one, but want one in brown 🙂

    • Thanks me too! I have black ones, but been wanting to add brown ones to my small collection 🙂

  2. DJT @ Thinking Thrifty

    This is why, even as a thrifty money saver, I anyways say it’s better to pay extra for quality than replacing cheaper alternatives several times a year!

    • Definitely! I still wear my DMs that could probably be referred to as vintage now 🙂

  3. Number 4 seems like my kind of boot! I think its because the soles aren’t so thick. For some reason I can’t pull of shoes with thick soles I look like a clown. Others however look so graceful and couture!

    • Me too. I’m a big Camper fan, but most of their boots are a bit too pricey for me at the moment 🙂

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