Autumn Thoughts

“We’ll be needing a leaf-vac” my husband says to me as he surveys our big garden.

“Pfft” I say to him “All we need is a rake and I’ll get raking!”

Scene from our back-garden.

I had images of myself going out with a rake in hand, wellies, wrapped up nice and warm in my brown coat (the one I use to walk the dog), complete with wooly hat.

I had visions of myself raking away, deep in thought, while Doc as usual, would be lumbering around like a silly billy.  After while, I’d have a whole mountain of lovely brown and golden leaves on one side.  Maybe later if there was still enough light, T can do a leaf dive and I’d manage to catch everything in my camera (I rarely do, by the way), perfect captured moments, to be later posted on Instagram.

When all this is done.  We’d go in, hand-in-hand, mother and daughter, the husband will be slaving away in the kitchen with a lit fire, making us delicious hot-chocolate, complete with whipped cream.  He’ll also be slicing us a piece of cake fresh from the oven.  Lovely.  Life is bliss.

 “Dean, look at all those trees” the husband pointedly says, interrupting my reverie.  Can you imagine all of those leaves on the ground?

 View of the side-garden from the Historian’s study.

“Yep, we’ll need a leaf-vac”  and just like that my husband bursts my bubble.

Are you a dreamer like me, or practical like him?


  1. This is so me! I day dream an awful lot and can imagine I’d be the same as u when it comes leaves and a garden.

    • I love trees! I wouldn’t want them off our garden 😉 My husband is practical too, but I don’t think he’d want them off either 🙂

    • There’s really nothing much there… Have yet to plant that vegetable garden 😉

    • I was like you before our move and each house I found, he’d get an imaginary needle and start bursting my bubbles 😉

    • That is so true. I obviously didn’t think about how time-consuming it would be 😉

  2. Fashion and Style Police

    It depends, sometimes I am a dreamer, sometimes I am practical. Fab post Dean.

  3. Natalia Molinero

    this is such a beautiful post and the pictures are awesome! I love those colors, they look so romantic and, of course, professional! x

    • Oh dear, I can imagine how difficult it must be to maintain a clean/neat lawn!

  4. Such an amazing outdoor space and as someone who works across the road from someone who has a leaf vac… I hate them with a passion, the noise is just incredibly loud!

    • Oh dear, really? Thank goodness then that we live in a private road and have no neighbours near us.

  5. Kerry Norris

    Ha it’s role reversal in our house. I’m practical and hubby is the dreamer lol x

    • It’s good to know that men can be dreamers too, though of course we are aware of that 😉

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