It’s that Time of the Year

Yes, it’s that time of the year where dining al fresco and putting out all your kiddie outdoor toys is simply a must!  Finally, the British temperature has gone down!  Yay! This week alone, in Exeter (about 60 miles from where we live), temperature was 25 degrees Celsius the other today.  Today, in North Cornwall it is 27 degrees! Double yay to that!  In London, it is 24 degrees.

So, yes it’s that time of the year to take all your kiddie outdoor toys out …

“Bouncy Thing”

paddling pool

kiddie tent with tunnel

and of course, dining al fresco is a definite must do!

  • The “bouncy thing” or “My First Bouncer” was given as a present on her first birthday.  She was too young to use it when she first got it, but now she absolutely loves it!  If your toddler has boundless energy like mine, get one of these, and it will surely help burn-out the energy in your toddler.  At the end of the day, they’ll conk-out and sleep like a log =) Was a bit wary at first, being the worrier tha I am, but it’s absolutely safe!  Your little ones won’t fall out.  If you’re interested, click here to get one.
  • I love this paddling pool I got from Argos.  The rainbow actually shades my daughter from the “harsh” English sun (hehehe) and it’s small, the perfect size for our postage-stamp garden.  If you like what you see, click here.
  • I got my daughter’s tent along with the little tunnel also from Argos.  They have this great deal of two toys for £15!  A real treat and steal.  Click here to see.  What I love about this tent is that it’s a pop-op tent.  Real easy to use and fold away!

Once again, if you have a small garden like ours finding the right out-door toys that will fit is really important.  Just shop around and don’t settle for the first toy you see.  I do most of my shopping online since we kinda live in a remote(ish) village in North Cornwall – so shopping online is really more convenient for me.

Don’t you just love summer?  When the weather is warm like this, we leave the our garden door and windows open.  And our small house, suddenly feels bigger!  I love it!.  Now let’s just hope the weather will last.

What are your favourite out-door toys for kids?

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