Sleep well, sweet Alice

I’ve been following a teenager’s blog for some time now.  Her name was Alice.  She had cancer.  But that wasn’t the reason why I followed her blog.  She had the most amazing courage for someone who knew that she had so little time left in her hands.

She died last night.

It was weird.  I woke up this morning thinking about her.  I was imagining her lying in her bed – awake.  Little did I know that she was gone, until I went online to check my mail and her blog.

Alice had a bucket list and which she was able to tick off her last year.  Yes, people helped her achieve her dreams, but what was really inspiring and admirable was that – she gave them all back a hundredfold.

Sleep well, sweet Alice and rest in peace.

You will never be forgotten.

To know more about her and her charity.  Click here.

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