The Scariest Thing

I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but no one warned me or even told me about how difficult being a mother is.  That I will be plagued with fears every single day of my life and the worse part about these fears is that they are all beyond my control.  Every mother or father knows what this feeling is all about.  Call it paranoia, I call it motherhood or parenthood.

Do you fear:

  • That if your child gets on their scooter or bike, they will fall and hurt themselves?  Not that you would stop them from doing it, no.  In fact, you encourage it.  And then say a little prayer please let them be safe.
  • That they might get bullied in school or prejudiced in some way?  You hear stories of children being bullied in school or online and each time you say a little prayer please don’t let that happen to my child.
  • That when they are not with you something terrible might happen?
  • That in the future someone might (will) break their little hearts and the worse part is, you won’t be able to kiss that hurt away?
  • That in the future, your child will be in a bad relationship, or marry a person who won’t treat them and love them the way you love them with all your heart?  And you can’t stop it from happening
  • That in the future they will make the wrong choices and again, it will be beyond your control and mommy or daddy won’t be able to fix it?

Do you dread that day when you unintentionally will fail them, because at one point or another, we parents are bound to fail them in some way, whether it is a minor or major thing and it will hurt them and it will hurt us no matter how much we try for the inevitable to never happen?

I do – all that … everything and more.


  1. Melissa Olivero (@LilBitsPieces)

    We all do! As a mom, I never stop thinking and planning and hoping for their health and happiness. I have all the same fears as you do.

    • Yes, I know we are not alone and the thing is, we will never stop worrying even when they are all grown up! I know my parents worry about me too. Thanks for dropping by =)

  2. Scared for my kids all the time. You’re right; I have ceased to “exist” because now it’s all about my kids.

  3. Angela Glenn

    I understand. I hate the constant fear and worry. I just want them to be healthy and happy. My oldest is only four and she is an incredibly happy child and I dread the day she realizes the world isn’t always such a happy, safe place.
    Angela Time with A & N

    • Same here. I’m sure they’ll be okay though and as mothers/parents, it’s only natural that we worry about them.

  4. motherhoodisanart

    This is exactly why I have gray hairs popping up all over and my stomach always hurts a bit….worry, worry, worry!

    • Same here! Only mine doesn’t grow grey – they turn white! And I have really dark hair so the white ones really stand out. I sometimes wonder whether I should start dying my hair… but why bother right? =)

  5. upliftingfam

    Yes it is hard to watch your kids want to learn new things such as learning to ride a bike because you know that they are going to crash and burn and get hurt. However, as a parent you have to let them grow up and make their own mistakes. I think having an open, honest relationship and communication with your child that begins at an early age is important so that they can feel that they can come talk to you about anything that is bugging them. Also, teaching them about bullying ect is the best method of prevention and goes a long way.

    • Yes of course, you’re right… although as parents, we never really stop worrying about our kids and that’s perfectly normal and fine too, as long as we don’t stop them from doing what they want.

  6. Samantha

    Only one of my close friends is a mom, but she says the same thing. I really admire mothers like y’all!

    • Yes! If only we could silence our fears, but then again, as mothers/parents these fears are common.

      • Surprise Mama

        sometimes I feel like I need to get anxiety medicine or something because the thoughts that go through my head are like nothing I have ever experienced before – it really does feel like I am going nuts. I do not know how I am going to handle it when I do not have control of who she is with or what she is doing!!

        • I know the feeling =( We just need to learn to relax more and trust that nothing negative will happen to them.

          • Surprise Mama

            I know. I try to practice that when I am lying in bed and wanting to go in to check and see if she is still breathing…but I just relax and trust that she is okay! 🙂

          • Oh dear! You sound like me. I too get up more than a couple of times in the night to check on her breathing too. But hey, we are normal! I bet there are loads of mothers who do that too, especially new mothers like us who’ve waited so long for the “right” moment to have a child.

          • Surprise Mama

            I bet you are right, it just makes me feel like I am losing my marbles!!

  7. I have been dreading even writing this post for my blog!!! Seriously, this is THE HARDEST part of being a parent… funny thing is, most other moms I know share this fear and most other dads I know respond by saying “it will all be ok.” xox

    • We all do and it’s part of being parents I guess, all these irrational fears… We just have to make sure that those fears won’t control us and the way we bring up our children. Whoever said that parenthood is easy? It isn’t and I’m learning that every single day.

      • I agree… my friend gave me a book about parenting and fear called “The lesson of the skinned knee” I haven’t read it yet. I’m too scared. 🙂

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