A Little Accident

The weather has been really bad lately.  It’s been cold, grey and wet which means our little shit  I mean bundle of fur – Boots, has been refusing to go out to do her business.  I don’t really blame her really, the not-wanting-to-go out part, every time I open the door to let her out she gives me this “You’ve got to be kidding me” look that never fails to make me laugh.

I’m not laughing now.

A few days ago, we’ve just discovered that she’s been using the back of our TV as her very own en-suite.  At first, we though the culprit was Doc, since we’ve caught him several times snuggled behind the TV, but the poo was too small (sorry folks).  As of writing, she’s banned from the living room when no one is there.  At night, I let her sleep in a Bolga basket in the landing upstairs.  In the morning, I throw her out and she spends most of her time in the boot room with the fan-light open so she can come as she pleases.  When everyone is downstairs, only then is she allowed in with us.  Yes, I know, I’m cruel.

I need some advice.  While I’ve obviously cleaned behind the TV, sprayed a combination of white vinegar and water solution, dabbed some baking powder on it, the stench is still there.  Yesterday, I did the same.  Sprayed it again with my home-made solution, but this time after doing that, I also used carpet cleaner.  It’s better now, but the smell of cat pee still lingers.  I hate that smell!

I’ve read that as long as the stench is there, chances are they’ll do it again.  Hence, the ban from the living room when no one is there.

Thoughts anyone?


  1. Team Gillis Realtor

    Your cat is lovely. I enjoy your tale and sometimes we cannot really avoid this. However, still love them because they have hearts too.

  2. Ah, we have similar tales. My older cat has only just started to use the catflap instead of peeing where she shouldn’t. I have no idea on how to help stop them, though, I tried everything too! It’s not nice! The downside of being owned by pets! Naughty cat!!

    • I hate the smell! This afternoon though as I watching television, Boots started purring and just wanted to be with me. She can be sweet when she wants to 😉 Yes, life with pets. Sigh.

  3. chickenruby

    sorry I’m at a loss, i was going to suggest white vinegar and baking powder, but i see you’ve already done that. Summer is our problem, neither cat or dog want to go outside when it’s 45c+. We don’t have any carpet in the house, but give the cat a litter tray in the downstairs loo, that we sprinkle with baking powder to keep the smell at bay. We also have hyacinths in their that help
    chickenruby recently posted…Dogs for adoption in Dubai with Animal TalesMy Profile

    • I did mention the litter box to the husband, weather has improved. But will definitely get the litter box out again next winter 🙂 Thanks! Will look out for hyancinths 🙂

  4. Ersatz Expat

    Ouch, nore sure what you can do other than get profesionals in. We have a boots too, or rather we don’t but he visits us from time to time. Your Boots is beautiful.

  5. Hi Dean, Boots sounds like she’s no fool. One of our smaller dogs was a bugger to toilet train and like you, I tried vinegar and bicarbs, with non-impressive results.

    Recently one of our puppies had an accident on the carpet and I used the steam cleaner on it and that seemed to work. Luckily I caught the dog doing it so was on it straight away. I blotted up what I could and used nearly a tank of water steaming and blotting over and over. The smell whilst doing it wasn’t too pleasant, but once it dried it was fine and none of the dogs seem attracted to the area. It’s worth a try.

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    • We don’t have any steam cleaner … Hmmm. Thanks Debbie! The smell has diminished a lot since the last time I cleaned it. But if you check behind the tv there is still a lingering smell there which I intend to tackle! Sigh. Pets eh? xxx

  6. Rosie (@greenrosielife / @EcoGitesLenault)

    Oh Boots – you bad cat! Henry is not one for going outside in winter but he will use a litter tray … although I had to get a deeper one otherwise he always missed. And in fairness if I take him outside to the hedge and stand and watch him he will – reluctantly – pee outside. I am glad the smell has almost gone now and whilst I can’t think of anything to help remove the smell, should it happen again I can suggest citronella essential oil as a deterrent. If you sprinkle a few drops where Boots was peeing it should put her off doing it again.

    Thank you for adding Boot’s naughty story to #AnimalTales – I do enjoy your updates about her antics!
    Rosie (@greenrosielife / @EcoGitesLenault) recently posted…Weekly Green Tips #39 – Home-made plant labelsMy Profile

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